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Vents what's your view on the Aw16-17 workshirt the shirt but can't get on with the forearm cufff section it's huge
Thanks will give it a go
Those are beauties
Msaint what do you use on the Alan the shine is much deeper then I can get on mine..Sanders look very good for that price although I am not a fan of the sole
I am English I would use feet and inches and stones and pounds suppose it's an age thing
There's a size 7 on flannels website for 195 GBP..bargain
Those shell are beauties
Hi sorry if this is not the right place ..but is anyone selling an olive Northwood in large or xl ? UK or Europe would be perfect thanks
End have restocked them but not in my size..I bought my wife the Parisian blue with the Orange sole it works really well
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