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if your a UK10 let me know mine are getting returned Monday
Tempted to saw my big toes off and keep mine
I bought the mahogany stow I would say there a lot more flexible you can actually bend your toes..a real positive if your driving..unfortunately although they have a lot of give in them there too tight so will be getting returned
From those pics the monkey boot are more yellow so fingers crossed it will be ok
Sorry..yes I bought the mahogany softee.. will add to the thread when I get a reply ..Tbh I can't see any difference on the zug grain either
Hahaha..sorry but they are beauties
Think it will be fine I have checked my other stows two of them have the same colour lining and both are leather..looking again at the pics they look the same I have emailed Kafka to double check before there sent out. Fingers crossed there ok as I am Looking forward to getting them..great looking boots and the single sole will make them perfect for days when your in them a long time or driving
yes thats the ones.. first time i have looked at them on my pc so never noticed the lining it says leather lined. i will send them an email. might be a bit late as i have bought them
Anyone own the softee grain ? Is it just a grained standard tricker calf or a softer tempted buy the Kafka stow but not sure if I can get away with the 10 as I am usually a 10.5 in calf stow.. My lollipop are a 10 and fit perfectly
Just gave them a once over..thet came up very well..thanks
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