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I guess by safer I meant you know exactly how much you'll lose, which in hindsight is true of stocks as well. Definitely need to do some more reading.
Potential loss is capped at the premium.
Anyone trade options? Seems safer to me but I've also been reading that you can easily lose your shirt.
Was heavily considering this on Friday. Kicking myself for not doing it now. Decided to play it safe and just short the spike if it did happen. Did pretty well today.I buy UVXY when there seems to be a volatility play, but I've learned the hard way that trying to time it is a bitch. 90% of the time you'll get burned. Very badly in some cases. Much better to wait for spikes and go long on inverse vix funds like SVXY or short UVXY outright after the morning session.
WElp I'm fucked.
Assets have been expensive for a while though. There's just nowhere else to find returns right now. People are probably waiting for the dip after the December rate hike.
Not enough time for another swing. Might be a slight pullback tomorrow but I think the market hovers around the opening and waits for the election results. I'm short volatility, at least until December.
NFLX still running like they just cured cancer. I shorted at 119 Someone hold me...
I thought the initial pop was too much, but NFLX is STILL rising. Am I missing something or is this insane?
I'd look into shorting it after the inevitable post IPO bump.
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