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Any opinions on when/if oil prices will recover? I'm thinking of just taking my losses and reinvesting what's left.
Pretty much. If 2Q earnings meet or beat expectations then I expect the market to soar on pure optimism. The most recent VIX spikes have only lasted a couple days at best before they are trampled back down to new lows. Brexit was supposed to be a Black Swan event, and yet here we sit as if nothing happened. My thinking is that the tolerance for risk has gotten higher in these times, and investors view US equities as the best source of returns at the moment. I see this...
15.3% is still much better than I've done when you account for all the losses I've accrued trying to time UVXY... SVXY is a solid vehicle though and I have fresh funds ready to buy in after the next correction.
SVXY up around 40% since Brexit Can probably ride this out til the December rate hike.
Right after I go short volatility. Nice.
Sure he feels shitty, but you think that loss carries the same weight as someone watching their 401k get wiped out? The feelings may be the same but the degrees to which they are felt are quite different. Have you ever heard of diminishing marginal utility?My point is that his issues are trivial, not invalid. Same as our first world problems. Are you also going to take the stand that being hungry at your office job is the same as being hungry on the plains of Africa?
Lol, you're the one oversimplifying things by ignoring the contextual differences between the situations. I'm sure he also experiences feelings of stress and failure, but he's also worth 2.6 billion dollars. He doesn't have to worry about losing his home, feeding his family, providing for them. All of that is covered many times over. We were talking about his fund doing poorly. We were talking about an insanely rich man becoming slightly less insanely rich. You think...
Ummm, yes it does. At the end of the day he's a filthy rich man who could never work another day of his life and still live more lavishly than 99.9% of the world. Compared to someone on the other end of the spectrum his "hardships" are a blessing. If you really think they're comparable then you severely lack perspective.
We've hit a new ATH. Time to see if @lawyerdad is right.
That's a bold prediction
New Posts  All Forums: