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Streamed High Rise this past weekend. What a waste of potential. Found out afterwards that it comes from the same writing/directing team/couple as Kill List, the other most disappointing movie I've seen this year. Knowing that now, I find it laughable that they advertise the director's name as a selling point on all of the marketing material. Absolutely no effort is made to establish the world or its characters' motivations. It feels like a quarter of the movie is...
Charlotte has some pretty good food options from my experience. Upstream is great if you like seafood. BBQ is good (obviously), and I actually had pretty good hibachi there too.
Can someone tell me why the market has soared from opening despite oil tanking?
Are there any disadvantages to holding a VIX tracker long term? By long term I mean decades. I understand that the value will decay rapidly due to contango, but unless we never experience another recession again it should become profitable at some point no? Would it just be a race between the decaying and the time until the next market dip?
Tried to watch this last night. Got about thirty minutes through before turning it off. Read the plot synopsis on wikipedia and I'm glad I quit when I did. Bud Cort has a face tailor made for horror films.What We Do In The Shadows: Very funny if you like the wry sort of humor this crew is great at. Rhys Darby is in it and that should be all you need to watch it. Heard they're making a sequel/spinoff called We're Wolves, ha.Kill List: Had potential but was ultimately very...
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One of my favorite movies. I'll defend Nic Cage's acting talent based on this performance alone. The ending is actually a very thoughtful move by Kaufman. Think about the differences between the two brothers, and the kind of movie each of them is trying to make.
Can someone explain to me why the market is tanking right now? Fed minutes didn't seem bad from the write up I skimmed.
I'm kind of hoping for one since I'm trying to enter the market.
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