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Sorry, I meant from this SS15 collection.
I don't know shit about designer clothing. Where exactly should I look to find these pieces for sale? Have all the stockists already moved on?
The Place Beyond the Pines: Beautiful film. I really hope Cianfrance chooses some less depressing material for his next film, but either way I'm sure it will be good. Blackhat: Visually interesting for the most part, but absolutely atrocious writing. Maybe something got lost in the editing bay.
Caught Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation last weekend. Fun blockbuster, although it felt more like a Bond movie. Especially since the trailer for Spectre played before it and seems to have almost the same plot. The scene in the opera immediately reminded me of Quantum of Solace. Still, solid movie and props to Cruise for doing so many of his own stunts. Sidenote, does anyone know who makes the navy blue overcoat that Sean Harris' character wears? I need that shit.
That's actually the recipe that I used lol. I'm going to chalk this one up to not using the right pan. Grill marks look nice but don't really do much in the way of texture.
Tried to sous vide for the first time last night. Made two ribeyes that way, and two more in a pan. The pan seared ones were much better. I think my mistake was seasoning the steaks before putting them in the bag, and finishing them in a cast iron pan that has raised grill marks. Didn't get as good a sear as the other two in the flat pan. Anyone got any tips?
How hard would it be to add a piece of leather to the back of a coat collar? Not sure what the technical term for it is.
Wow, this just made The Grey so much sadder. If anyone hasn't seen that yet I'd recommend checking it out. Way better/different than I expected it to be.
In my experience it is. Almost all of the wealth is "new money" and their behavior is typical of people who suddenly find themselves with more money than they know what to do with (see professional athletes). There is a huge demand for branded goods as it gives them an opportunity to flaunt how rich they are. I really loved my time in Shanghai, but it could be jarring to see these insane mega malls filled with luxury designer stores just minutes away from some of the worst...
I agree that Murakami's stories are usually disappointing in that they leave a lot of questions unanswered. I think he does this purposefully to add further abstraction to the surreal worlds he creates. It isn't all that gratifying, but it feels intriguing in a Twin Peaks sort of way. You bring up a good point about all three being translations. That was something I hadn't even considered, or really noticed while reading.
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