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These black Svenssons were all scuffed up so I decided to paint them white. Used around 7 coats of Angelus leather paint and their satin finisher. Put in new laces and new insoles. I think they turned out well, but after a week they're already dirty and scuffed. Such is life with white shoes.
Jesus, you really need to get off that sinking ship.
Sold my position in SVXY a while ago for the quick profit
Going to be spending a few days in each city. Give me some stuff to check out. My list so far: Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, ICA Boston Chicago: Lou Malnati's, Cubs Game, Millenium Park, Portillo's, Navy Pier, architectural boat tour, Frontera Grill, MCA Chicago, Au Cheval, The Publican, Xoco Thinking of seeing an improv show in Chicago but don't know which ones are good. Any cool stores I should check out in either city?
Anyone have a preferred instrument for shorting the market? SDS, SPXS, SPXU? I don't have an options contract, or a margin account so I can't short sell or use options.
I read the SZ thread. You (@newp) seem to be implying that USPS screwed up, but that's highly unlikely given what we know. It's possible that the sorting center sent it to the wrong place, but there's no way the local post office would then go out and deliver it to the wrong address, especially if it was signed for. Dude sells pieces, sends out bogus tracking numbers, and tries to stall until the claim period expires.
Same thing they said to me, but there's no way you get California and Michigan mixed up with New Jersey by accident. The Michigan package had been successfully delivered as well so it wasn't because of poor handwriting.Getting my money back was nice, but a small consolation after getting screwed out of a grail piece and months of running around.It's basically the same business no? The changed the brand name, but it's the same styles, probably the same materials and...
@Master-Classter It seems like you're assuming TWTR will continue to trade in a range like TSLA, AAPL, and most of the market has for a while. I think that would be a dangerous assumption to make, especially in a field that moves on as quickly as technology does. I was in a similar mindset with GPRO, and ended up with about a third of my original position before finally cutting my losses. I'm in a similar position now with oil, but I think there's a far better chance of...
@curiouscharles Last time I checked some former ToJ employees took it over and have started filling the backlogged orders.
He had a few pairs up on Grailed so I took it as a sign that he was sure the first pair would either be delivered/returned. Dude is dedicated to the grift. Kept telling me that I'd receive the boots eventually even after giving my money back.I wonder if he was sending me the tracking number for other, legitimate, transactions.Would have preferred this tbh. If I'm going to drop several hundred dollars on an item then I want to be sure it actually arrives. Also, I've never...
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