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WElp I'm fucked.
Assets have been expensive for a while though. There's just nowhere else to find returns right now. People are probably waiting for the dip after the December rate hike.
Not enough time for another swing. Might be a slight pullback tomorrow but I think the market hovers around the opening and waits for the election results. I'm short volatility, at least until December.
NFLX still running like they just cured cancer. I shorted at 119 Someone hold me...
I thought the initial pop was too much, but NFLX is STILL rising. Am I missing something or is this insane?
I'd look into shorting it after the inevitable post IPO bump.
I've switched to pretty much exclusively trading instruments based on VIX, mostly UVXY and SVXY. I used to hold UVXY and hope for pops. The problem with this is that contango will quickly eat away your investment if that pop doesn't happen soon (as MSchapiro helpfully pointed out earlier in this thread). The big pops usually happen during black swan type events, so timing that shit is nearly impossible. I've found that it's much safer and more profitable to trade inverse...
Voting member of the Fed made a case for a rate hike this month. Then another member of the Fed scheduled an impromptu speech for Monday.If the speech on Monday also signals rate hike then we haven't hit the bottom.
What are everyone's expectations re: fed meeting tomorrow?
These black Svenssons were all scuffed up so I decided to paint them white. Used around 7 coats of Angelus leather paint and their satin finisher. Put in new laces and new insoles. I think they turned out well, but after a week they're already dirty and scuffed. Such is life with white shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: