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Some of my favs from the China: Through the Looking Glass Exhibit
PRICE DROP: $250--->$225--->$200 Selling a pair of black suede Buttero work boots. Size is marked 40.5, but runs big as is common for Buttero. Fit is long and narrow. They are in good condition with few signs of wear. Shipping is free to anywhere within the continental US. Anywhere else will be extra. Willing to trade for a pair of black leather chelseas. If you have any questions just message me.
I found a belt that would really go great with that shirt: http://thisislavie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/shayan-hermes-1.jpg That with a matching nova check scarf, authentic of course, would really complete the look. Please post fit pics if you do win the shirt.
if you guys play cz you can find me in babygirl's d2
Picked up this lovely one button suit from Stephan Schneider from Tsuji, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me. I only tried it on, and it hasn't been altered. Jacket is a size 5 and the pants are a size 4. I would say that the jacket would fit a 48/US 38 and the pants are a 31/32 waist, but use the measurements as your guide. Basically brand new without tags. Measurements Jacket (Inches): Shoulders: 16 Chest: 19 Sleeves: 26 Front Length: 26.5 Back Length:...
I heard about it the day before tickets went on sale. Going to the opening night where I'll attempt to drink my money's worth.Please do.
If you like gin you owe it to yourself to try No. 3. I made the mistake of leaving my bottle at a friend's place one night, it was all gone by the next day . This blog has a lot of really interesting recipes: http://measureandstir.com. Haven't tried any yet myself but they look damn good. Is anyone going to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic? Also I don't understand what is ungentlemanly about all of this, although I am guilty of broing out and doing bombshots every now and then.
Does anyone know how much the Sugar Cane Recycled shrink after a soak? I'm a 30 waist, should I be sizing up?
Hate to let these go but they just don't do it for me anymore. Both are ~80-85% full. Bought them from Le Bon Marche in Paris so they're legit. Both are 50 ml/1.7 oz size bottles. The Mure et Musc Extreme is perfume strength. Will consider trades and offers as well. Fleur de Liane: $75 Mure et Musc Extreme: $90 Prices include shipping within the Continental US. If you are located elsewhere shipping will be extra. Paypal only. Thanks for looking!
Looking for something to substitute sprints now that it's cold as balls outside, any suggestions?
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