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I'd highly recommend any of Charlie Kaufman's movies. Dude is my favorite creative force in Hollywood bar none.
Man, I wish I'd held on. The morning dip scared the shit out of me so I decided to just take the profits and run. Watching it climb back up all day has been torture.
Cashed out my UVXY position at 13 and flipped it into SVXY. Going balls deep long Barclays too. May the lord have mercy on Monday.
How far down do you guys think we're going to go tomorrow? S&P already down 3.6% pre-market.
http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2015/12/debunking-the-big-short-how-michael-lewis-turned-the-real-villains-of-the-crisis-into-heros.htmlMake of it what you will. I read it with a grain of salt since I don't know anything about the writer, or even enough about the actual situation to say whether the person is right or not.
I read that the people who made out big in The Big Short were also partly responsible for exacerbating the situation. The logic was that their demand for short instruments only created more demand for the instruments they were shorting, and it ended up expanding the market for those instruments greatly. So not only did they see what was going to happen, but they threw fuel onto the fire as well. If that's true, then it's pretty disgusting behavior on everyone's part.
Gold ETF. I hopped back on the UVXY train at 14.
Watched this yesterday. Probably a bad choice for Mother's Day lol. I figured out the twist literally 5 minutes in and kept hoping that they'd pull another rabbit out of the hat. Well made film, but I think they could gone a bit further with the premise. The ending didn't sit well with me either.
Anyone have tips for cooking Wagyu? Usually get pretty thin cuts that just get a quick sear to medium-rare. I've heard that cooking to medium might be more beneficial due to all of the fat. Is there any truth to that?
Streamed High Rise this past weekend. What a waste of potential. Found out afterwards that it comes from the same writing/directing team/couple as Kill List, the other most disappointing movie I've seen this year. Knowing that now, I find it laughable that they advertise the director's name as a selling point on all of the marketing material. Absolutely no effort is made to establish the world or its characters' motivations. It feels like a quarter of the movie is...
New Posts  All Forums: