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SF peeps, as title suggests...hit me up with the outsole measurements, shoe condition, total pricing and other relevant information. Alden, carmina, AE, Sebago, EG, leffot are all fine with me.
hey guys I bought the amazing BOM001 denim dec last year. Nothing much going on but like to point out some differences in experiencing them in comparison to European denims like APC. the bom001 first came in feeling like a piece of armor; a month later now, getting caught in the (small) rain 2 or 3 times, the denim feels kinda soft now. Not that it is a bad thing but I was just wondering what went on scientifically? My guess is the nature of the denim itself which is...
damn good deal someone snatch it
TS, check PM.
any good coupons this july? wana get some tops
measurements? i might be interested rafxeastpak crinkle navy
WTB April 77 29X34, looking for them mainly in black, pm me with pics and details you're keen.
Looking for size 28,29 Please include photos, measurements and details of wear. Thanks SF
Quote: Originally Posted by terb3ar Size and/or measurements on the blazer? h&m shipped to singapore?
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