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are you supposed to snip that vent in the back? mine came in too, certainly worth it at that price
"tuxedo" is an option listed in the "about suits" section alongside half-lined and unstructured for $45. on the options form, you can select satin facings on a one-button shawl or one-button peak lapel for $25, and a satin stripe on the trousers is $25. fwiw i also always like to add in suspender buttons (no upcharge), especially for a tux, just in case you ever wanna change it upso, maybe the $45 tux option is a combo of those two for $5 less than it would be...
^. ah fair enough, shouldn't have assumed.. probably been too long since I've lived somewhere with rain. also just watched the seinfeld where jerry ruins his suede jacket because he won't turn it inside out in front of elaine's dad
ah yeah i thought it looked a little different (i also need to remember to turn f.lux off when i'm trying to guess at colors, ha). really came out nice, great boots
my thoughts exactly on the boot; the more i think about it, the more wear i can imagine myself getting out of it. pretty pumped for this puppyas for sole, not to beat a dead horse or anything, but i think single leather is the way to go. since this is a suede boot (and thus will probably tend to stay in the closet more when the weather sucks), i don't think we need to go dainite. and i agree that double leather would be too stiff.steve -- what are the edge options? ...
feliz cumple! what's that combo? cloud and twilight?really great shot. are those dark oak/walnut country calf?
i'm down with purple lining for the chukkas
i'm pretty sure they don't, or at least it isn't listed online. if you check out their website you can browse all of their models by last:
^^ second non-double leather soles. tbh i'd prob prefer single leather, but it's not a deal breaker for me. anyone have any other thoughts re: linings or edge?
ya for sure; i mostly just meant that you'd probably need to use a pretty loose definition of "slim" in order to get enough insulation for temps that low. can def get something good-looking/stylish though
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