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I would just like to say that I think you're getting me mixed up with someone else, as to the "taking swings at A&S" I only have fond memories there and would never speak badly about them.Edwin
Hi Andrey,No, as I drafted the pattern on the day, I suggested to Matthew & Andrea that I could draft one from his shoe but I think the fact that when I laid the pattern on top of Matthews real pattern, it was a near perfect match, apart from the sleeve being narrower at the elbow and bottom, which I probably would have widen if I had a closer look at it and a bit more time.Best,EdwinSteed Bespoke
Hi Andrey,Not quite sure what you mean about photo's of finished trousers/suit on happy owner...We have photo's up on our Gallery which can be found on the blog and our facebook page.Best,
I was just having a bit of fun one afternoon with Matthew & Andrea, explaining how I could draft a jacket pattern for Matthew just by using his shoe as the only guide. Needless to say they asked me to prove it.... We have posted the videos on our blog, Steed's View which can be found at the below link. These videos have also been posted on to our new YouTube channel that Matthew has created called Steed's View Channel..We will post any videos that we make in the future...
No, they will be pressed down and blocked off at the final press and button.Best,Edwin DeBoiseSteed Bespoke
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisguru Hi Edwin Yeah, my fault, I mis-read the email I had from Matthew, I think I corrected myself later in the thread! Cheers Ash Ash, Yes sorry my fault, as soon as I posted I realised you had corrected it yourself. Best, Edwin
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisguru The prices I have for Steed are £2520excl VAT so £3024 and for Stephen Hitchcock £2170excl VAT so £2604. A&S would be about the same as Steed when you add VAT, but Stephen is undercutting Daddy by about £500! Just to correct the prices you have for us (Steed): 2-Piece suit £2100 excluding VAT 2-Piece suit £2520 including VAT Best, Edwin DeBoise Steed Bespoke Tailors
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin I know you said no MTM, but Edwin DeBoise just sent out an email about Steed's Spring MTM specials. The note said that if you placed your order before March 3rd, they will guarantee delivery before their Spring visit on April 3rd. It did not include dinner jackets, but you could write and ask. I'm sure if they've an MTM program for dinner jackets, they'd be willing to accommodate you. And Steed's MTM will probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos I saw Edwin and Mathew in Chicago but didn't order anything. It was great to see you Chris and Matthew and I very much appreciated the cakes and pastries you brought for us and if you had said, I'd always give you a trade discount.
.. See post below (posted twice)
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