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Sorry wrong thread, for some reason...
Before SF, I had bought some rather bad things. Ignorance was bliss at the time, but they are now all with charity.
A Single Man?
That really is a great looking suit! The details are sublime.
I haven't seen a saddle back with so much age yet, that really does look great.
Even their cordovan appears to be on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by bubbleboys I'm not stylish...yet. Been learning a lot from trolling these forums but it's going to take time, lots of time. Same. My wardrobe is getting better day after day, but i've still got a ways to go.
Got mine today, very pleased.
Jacket seems ridiculously short and the sleeves are too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flimsychicken Ordered three sets of three and received all three boxes (nine total) yesterday. Interestingly, the box had the USPS shipping amount listed as $4.95. Like everyone else, I paid $3.00 for the each shipment of three colors. Same, I wonder if they took a loss on all of these?
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