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I have a great sweater by TF that is 50 cashmere, 20 linen and 30 cotton, it has an oatmeal/beigish colour and I want to dye it something dark, either a rich maroon or a velvety rich black. How can I do this? cheers in advance!!
Hi guys, I am a music college student who is approaching his last year in college, I will be doing some concerts and have had my tuition, living expenses accommodation paid off for this year and the next; therefore I want to invest all of the money I make between now and November, very aggressively. There are some great financial minds on SF I have heard (and read) about so I thought it would be beneficial to ask you guys for advice on what I may be able to do with this...
Shoulders and waist taken in, sleeves and pants tapered. Also the jacket may need to be shortened.
pm sent
Gentlemen, I am a 20 year old musical prodigy who happens to be in music college, I find it boring and have won all the prizes in one of the best music colleges in the world and have performed with orchestras, and given recitals around the world to the acclaim of some of the best musicians on earth. I don't really work at my instrument as a result and find that when I do I can do what people take 3 months to do in about 5 days, I could given a bit more work become...
$1000 DECADENT PS Paul Smith Jacket
Ithink cream is a great choice of jacket please tell me moar suggestions. Also white shirt and black bow tie with the cream?
Hey guys I kopped myself some black Tom Ford tuxedo pants, and now need a jacket to match, obviously I can't buy another jacket unless its the same black which is almost impossible to find- Is my only option to get a completely different formal jacket to match? Like a nice maroon or petro velvet jacket? How Much will Mr. Ford ask for, to just buy the Tuxedo jacket? Let me know...
For fucks sake; Margiela cotton sweaters retail for $600? Damn son, lovely sweater though!
could this be tailored to a slim 38?
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