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I know that I am too late to order 13" shears. If you have a second run please let me know. I am also interested in a 15 or 16". Thanks you very much
It looks like your suit is for show rather than good fit. You have a full chest but your lapel does not lay flat on your chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran I lost good deal of weight a couple of years ago because of which I had to re-build my wardrode. While I got rid of most of my shirts back then, I did retain a few of the nicer ones. I am now thinking of getting a couple of them altered to fit me. I basically need to have them slimmed. I now wear shirts with a chest of 23 inches (46 inches around) while the shirts that I am looking to get altered are 25 inches (50...
Did anybody try Studio T on Queen West? I heard he does the work for Due West and Boomer, must be good then
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