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I don't think anything is wrong with asking the tailor to set in shoulder pads by hand or getting buttonholes done by hand. It's not about checking his proficiency, this is about client preference. Besides, is this what bespoke is all about? Clients should be able to ask tailors to add on some options and willing to pay for the extra works.
That is true. I heard that all master tailors in Canada now is in their 70-75 years old and there is a real shortage. The tailoring trade is a dying trade now at least in Canada.
Sorry for the confusion. I would not try to convince anyone about the origin of their suits and I don't want to say bad about any business, I am just trying to explain, according to my knowledge and experience, as how to evaluate the process of making a suit. Different tailors may have a different approach.As we all know, caveat emptor / let the buyer beware, I am trying to raise buyer's awareness. Suppliers/ sellers are supposed to disclose all information at buyer's...
I saw Garrison 'bespoke' suits, no doubt that they look great ( just like Suit supply, Surmesure...) but if you tell me that you did NOT have a basted fitting , I really doubt that your suits are made locally, especially when you said garrison "facility" is near by, I would wonder why you did not have a basted fitting. To make you a mock suit would take a same amount of time ( if not more) comparing to making you a basted fitting jacket. But maybe it's the way garrison...
Francesco Sr. pricing is out of my range (5G for a jacket), but for awhile he measured clients here and send fabrics to China to get it made, so...I am not sure if he's still doing that.Tower bespoke works at Trend? I think. So Trend is true bespoke, he's doing in house.I also heard Dirty is also bespoke with basted fitting( which I preferred) I will visit him soon.
Thanks akoustas. Totally agreed. But I still can't swallow the misleading part.
I have no problem with suits that are made in China. Handwork is beautiful, cut is ok (usually have gap behind collar) , price is good. But I have problem with those scummy businesses that sell suits that are engineered and made in China but claiming they are made locally by experienced tailors and charge excessive pricing to unsuspecting clients.
Everybody call themself bespoke. I am not sure who is the real thing. Definition of "bespoke " and "made to measure " seems to overlap each other
Rumors say that Garrison suits are made in China. Anybody have any experiences? Their pricing are awfully high for a suit made in China
People defines "bespoke" differently. But to me when someone make you a suit without getting you try on a basted fitting ( not a muslin or a mock suit) , I think that is MTM.You cannot get a bespoke suit (fit you the way you like) unless you try on your basted garment and get it adjusted before it is sewn and finishedSome shop tried to deceive their client by letting them try on some sample jackets or make you a muslin to try, while your suit is making by factory...
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