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People defines "bespoke" differently. But to me when someone make you a suit without getting you try on a basted fitting ( not a muslin or a mock suit) , I think that is MTM.You cannot get a bespoke suit (fit you the way you like) unless you try on your basted garment and get it adjusted before it is sewn and finishedSome shop tried to deceive their client by letting them try on some sample jackets or make you a muslin to try, while your suit is making by factory...
Oh. I may be wrong but someone told me that they also offer bespoke as well. They said they can make a bespoke suit in a week ( the only way to do it is to make it locally)Anyway I shall find out more about it.Again, thank you very much for your advise.
Thank you for your info. I will check him out. You have any experience with King and Bay? From what I heard they are better than Suitsupply or even Garrison.
You have any idea his Baberis suit runs from?
Now a day you're hardly see any tailor or even a cutter to get your body skin measurements and look at your posture. When you come to "tailor shop" you usually see "stylist" who will let you try on their samples and get you a MTM suit with some bell and whistles and called it a bespoke suit. I will try Dirty Inc anyway. Thanks for your advise
Anybody have any experience with King and bay? I heard that they are good too. Suddenly Toronto has lots of selections for bespoke suits.
Yes I worried about the"name " too. But heard some good things about this shop. They are made locally right? I hate suits that made overseas and claim to be made in Canada. Bad practice !!!
Any tailor that let you try on a "muslin" or "canvas" as they called it is 100% MTM. Only when you try on a hand basted of your actual fabric ordered is considered Bespoke. And if you can decide on how wide your lapel and how low your notch can be, and even how wide the angle on your notch lapel than I think that is a really really truly hand made bespoke !!!
I know that I am too late to order 13" shears. If you have a second run please let me know. I am also interested in a 15 or 16". Thanks you very much
It looks like your suit is for show rather than good fit. You have a full chest but your lapel does not lay flat on your chest.
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