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Awesome! Still on the fence because of the conversion rate, but I might bite the bullet if they can waive the shipping fees. Anyone know if I can get Plumas from a CAD store?Also regarding the sweapants, any preferred fits? Really like the look of the Escobars, but the 'oversized' sweatpants seem pretty nice as well.
I think a S would be too tight for me, but thanks! I'll also check out Mr. Porter for the Plumas, although with conversion rate to CAD it becomes 500$ ugh.
Been browsing for awhile and pretty decided on getting into JE. Anyone know if there are going to be any re-stocks on the Dual-Zips (charcoal) and the Plumas? Or if I can get them from anywhere else? I'm usually a XS in shirts and S in everything else (Hoodies/T-Shirts/Sweaters) and a 29/30 in Jeans. I assume I would be a M for most of the hoodies and 30 in the Plumas? Thanks!
Hey, I live in Canada and was wondering if anyone is doing a proxy service for Uniqlo? I've been looking for a Ultra-Light down. Thanks!
Can anyone link me to the spreadsheet? I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
175 Peternorth ($3200) 176 Distorbiant ($820) 177 masshi ($1680) 178 friyaz ($1640) 179 ricesuit ($145) 180 OnehitWonder ($870) 181 jabster410 ($1200) 182 guayabera ($835) 183 etz ($380) 184 bones86 ($780) 185 ahshadow ($780) I ordered a black lamb 2-Zip moto on January 13th 2014. I haven't gone through all of the past pages. I just escalated a case through paypal, but I'm assuming it won't help since it has been a year. If I can help in anyway so that people can get...
Hey, is anyone still proxying?? Interested in some flannels! Thanks!
It's been a while that I haven't bought any Raw jeans, but I want to break in some APC PS during the winter! I was a 28 before and I took a 26 in APC NS, but I'm now a 29/30. Should I get a 28 in APC PS? I usually wear my jeans a bit looser and take 29's in Uniqlo T-000 Jeans, if that helps. Thanks!
First snow just fell today and it reminded me that I had to buy me some boots . I've been eyeing the Katahdins for a year now and I've decided that I want to try them for the winter! I usually wear shoes during the winter and just scrap them an throw them away in the spring, but I finally decided to get some real boots to wear. If I wear 41 in CP's, 42 in MMM, 9 in Vans would I also be a 9 in Katahdins? Thanks!
If I'm a small in the Everlane t-shirts, but I'm usually an XS in OCBD's (for example, Uniqlo), would I be a S or XS in the new Poplin Shirts? Thanks!
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