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Great deal, thank you. Just throwing this out there- Id be down to purchase 2 set of Large if I were guaranteed one of each style, it would save you guys on shipping too I believe.
I ordered from TSM last Sunday and received them on Wednesday, I'm only 1 state away though.
Purchased I thank you.My wife curses you.
Is there a difference between TSM Brown CXL Plain Toe and Leffot special order version? The Leffot version looks fantastic to me while TSM looks a little lackluster... The welt looks a shade lighter on TSM but beyond that is it just the quality of the...
noticing more and more it'd my Gustin shirts I'm reaching for most days. My cone mills work shirt I ordered big and immediately washed it warm and then put in the dryer and got the expected shrink I was looking to get out of the way. My other G shirts I've been hand washing every couple wears in a car wash bucket, I'll wait for 3 or 4 dirty shirts and then wash by hand at the same time and hang dry, haven't noticed much shrink.
Damn cancelled my sea blues in place of the sky blues, want both now!
Thanks for the insight. I'll give the crepe a try and if it doesn't work out I can always have it switched out (through someone other than Alden I realize) for a commando sole. Now I just have to hope this backorder actually ships at the end of March. Cheers.
Looking for some advice- I am looking to get a black or #8 boot to wear primarily with jeans while working. I was lucky enough to score a #8 indy off of the Jcrew pricing glitch a few weeks back but am concerned with the crepe sole. I am a real estate appraiser so I won't be wearing these while digging ditches or anything but they will see frequent wet grass and the occasional construction site with dirt and mud. Is this the wrong boot for me? Would I be better off...
To keep new customers from seeing people acknowledging the much longer than advertised wait times is my guess......
Thanks for the heads-up
New Posts  All Forums: