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To keep new customers from seeing people acknowledging the much longer than advertised wait times is my guess......
Thanks for the heads-up
And how did you treat these? Exactly how I want my Innsbruck to age.
Anyone seen this pair avail online yet? #68 on the common projects website.
I have specifically noticed the stuff shipped from Italy all seems to be good shape, the stuff shipped from Jersey is where I seem to find the issues. Maybe the Jersey stuff spends some time on an NYC sales floor first.
Got to vent somewhere- Literally 40% of the stuff I have ordered from Yoox arrives damaged (items with pen marks (twice!), stain, sweater with stitching pulled and stretched). Lots of wasted time for me and them!
Thanks for the quick reply...Anyone have any recommendations on a jean that fits similar to the New Standard but the denim quality is better, even if high priced?
Question for ya.... I got a pair of New Standards 2 years ago, love 'em. They started out dressy looking and now have that perfect somewhat faded look. I just washed them for the first time (23 months) but at about 18 months the material between the legs where the inner thigh seam meets (to be blunt: under my ball sack) started to get thin. I now have 2 small holes where the material that was getting thin finally gave. I still wear them cause theyre my favorite jeans and...
Yeah used is fine as long as its in good condition, sorry I didnt state that. Im not looking for used raw jeans though. PM coming at ya.
New Posts  All Forums: