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Any update from the Alden folks on the Innsbruck Indy?
I could use a makeup like that, would prefer Commando though.
Gustin is responsible for the temp guy delivering it to the wrong address or responsible for someone stealing it from the doorstep? Shitty situation and they are making good with the credit, props to Gustin. It sounds like if it were up to you everything would be delivered with signature confirmation, that would suck.
$259 + $14 shipping for the pair I really like and a potential 5 month wait is an easy pass for me.....
I was thinking $150 but am thinking higher since yesterdays email. Still say under $250 though. Probably try a pair as long as its under $250 but will not be buying multiple pairs dependent on price.
Yet the Google description of the stock store page states "discounted"
A dark button
Really wish today's Double Indigo Selvedge Twill shirt didn't come with mother of pearl buttons....
FYI- your eBay pic shows a Slim Fit label
Great deal, thank you. Just throwing this out there- Id be down to purchase 2 set of Large if I were guaranteed one of each style, it would save you guys on shipping too I believe.
New Posts  All Forums: