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I'm 9.5 too and grabbed a 10, can report back in a few days when they arrive.
Has there been a rigid chino (excluding herringbone) since the new olive, last winter maybe? I need some new tanish rigids. Any in stores this season that aren't online?
Also happily grabbed the canvas pants for under $100, but only 1 left in stock so we will see.... Also grabbed the herringbone officer's chino in New Olive, hoping it actually is more of a brown than green as in the pic.
I got the indigo (for $248) and the wool cotton blend (for $212), nutty
The 40% off sweaters & outer wear is working on RRL. Just grabbed the indigo sport coat and the wool-blend sport coat for under $475, very happy.
Four order (five items) cancelled in the past month....... How are they so bad at this?
I'd be on the khaki rainbow nep short sleeve. Please!
Just received the brown twill jacket and dig the material but it's just too short unfortunately.... I'm not tall but I just don't get these "rugged" jackets that barely hit your belt line.
Yeah, I usually don't take the time to click on all these different tabs and FAQ pages when making a purchase. I see prices in US dollars and $11 Fed Ex shipping charge and I figure I am ordering off of a US site. Live and learn I guess...Customs called me yesterday to get further info and I refused delivery. They said 20% customs fee plus the $35 Fed Ex fee I'm reading, that's over $100 or over 35% of my purchase price....
Worked for me yesterday on the Bordeaux highs, but no longer working...
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