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Interested in olive fatigues in size 34. PM me if you are looking to sell
Looking for a Bedford size small, preferably in navy. Please PM me
Was wondering if anyone know anywhere online that sells the EG x Ippudo jacket? And if not, whether ippudo still sell it in their NYC location?
Sorry man, I appreciate you posting them, they just aren't for me
Honestly, not to be rude, but those pictures have kind of put me off buying the slim waxed flesh a bit. The front half of the boot looks really weird and elongated, like a clown shoe or something. Again no offense in asking this, but is that the exact makeup of the #11?
Sorry for the really annoying question, but looking for sizing advice for 2030. Im a 8.5D on trubalance and 9D on Visvim Virgils. Do I go 8D/8.5D on the 2030?
I think the Bison and Echo are getting made automatically
I have deposited for #11. Excited about this now. How many of the makeups are being made, 4? As an aside, I may have gone for #13 without the commando sole Come on #11!
Just to follow up a question that wasnt answered earlier about #11/13, could someone answer these questions about waxed flesh: 1) How easily do they stain? Easier than a smooth leather? 2) Are they easy to clean? 3) How are they typically maintained? Need this to help me choose between the waxed flesh and the navy latigo
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