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a really nice pair of Alden Cap Toe boots on the Grant last. Size 9D. These are really beautiful boots but are getting no wear and are just sitting in my wardrobe. In used condition with a slight scuff on the left shoe. Should be buffed out pretty easily. $360 OBO + Shipping http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2010/03/31/alden-shoes-grant-captoe-flex-boot/
Need some help guys. If im an 8.5D in trubalance and a 9D in Barrie last, should a 10C fit me?
Thast fine, as long as they are a 31 equivalent
Looking to buy some Incotex chinos in size 31. Needs to be shipped to UK Thanks very much
Sorry to ask about sizing, but what size should I go for in Grant last if im an 8.5D in trubalance? 9D?
PM Sent
Excellent, i'll get that then, thank you very much
I don't think these products (Montana, Obenauf) are available to the UK unfortunately.
I have a question about wearing calfskin Indy boots in a place where it rains a lot - should I be using some sort of leather protector? Any advice from people living in wet places (UK) would be much appreciated
Would love to buy a pair of Indy boots, size 8.5D. Would need to be able to ship to the UK. I'm open to offers on price or specific model of indy boot
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