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I'd be in for #23, or any kind of 2030 calf in brown with captoe. Anybody got any info on how much id be stung getting these sent to the UK? Would they send as gift?
Thank you. Do you have any recommendation of what to glue them with?
Could someone help me? I bought some quite well used virgils a few weeks ago and have worn them maybe 3-4 times. The very bottom of the sole has come away from the boots (pictures below). Is it possible to just glue this back on or will I have to buy new soles from them? Im starting to believe I have bought some fakes :/ Thanks for the help
Just a quick question about the 101. Anyone know the difference in quality between the 100% cotton and the 60% cotton 40% linen? Is the 40% linen version just thinner?
Sorry meant the non-wash 101
Anyone know if the 101 will bleed indigo into whatever im wearing underneath it?
Open to hearing what kinds you have
Want me to measure the outsole/insole for you?
Gone sorry
Really nice Ann Demeulemeester suede derby. Beautiful shoe but unfortunately one size too big for me. $280 + shipping
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