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The other one with the leather handle and trim is much better in my opinion. There is a bag identical except instead of denim it is a antiqued white color. The bag is based off a 1930s "Banker's" bag. Both bags are very cool in person and have a nice age to the leather.
I have a bowery boots in a size 8 at chicago.My name is Robert. I am the RRL specialist there.
8D, 9D, 12D. I believe. Price is 850. There is also two other types of RRL boots available.
3 pairs bowery boots at chicago.
Price drop. Now 795.
Price drop. Now 790.
300 dollar price drop.
Price drop. Was 135 for both. Now 125 for both.
I purchased this RLPL Jacket last spring from the Michigan Ave store. Unfortunately I never wore it and I would like to recoup some of my cost. This is great piece with a ton of details. I absolutely fell in love with the jacket and paid full retail. 2495. Was 1195. NOW only 795. Continental US only. Paypal only. -Size Small (Fit 38-40 chest) -Made in Italy -Water proof material -Dark Navy 2 angled pockets on the chest and 2 pockets with flaps with...
Both shirts have only been worn a few times. My neck size has grown to a 15 and these are just slightly too tight. 75 each or 135 for both. -14.5 -Great Purple, navy, tattersal -Clayton collar (great medium spread) -Great pattern matching -Made in Italy -120s -Purchased new last year at RL store on Michigan Ave. -Retail 395. Only 75. -14.5 -Staple White -Clayton collar (great medium spread) -Made in Italy -120s -Purchased new last year at RL...
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