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Thanks to all who called today. I got all those orders processed and shipped out. I updated the list to reflect the sizes left.
Thanks again for all the calls and PMs. I just edited the thread to reflect the pairs that have been claimed so far. I will contact those members who want their sizes tomorrow and get them rung up and shipped out. -Robert
Not sure. Any ideas from others?
From Left to Right: Leujene, Summit, Canyon, Aberdeen, Varick, Engineer (Edited. Forget to mention the Fringe detail on the vamp of the Aberdeen boot is removable. It can tied in with the laces or be completely removed) Below are all the sizes I have in each style. I have multiple in some sizes, so don't worry if someone claims one pair, as I might have another one in the same size. Send me a PM if you are interested in any of these. Include your name and number...
^^^^ Cool Engineer boots. We just got a bunch of boots from a consolidation of other RRL stores. Most boots are on sale for either 265 or 235. They were all either 850 or 950 originally. There are a fair amount of sizes. The boots are all made in the US with leather sourced from the US too. I'll take a picture of the styles tomorrow. -Robert RRL Specialist, Chicago
Mostly only short sleeve tees. However we do have long sleeved indigo henley.
Merchant Marine is great. We put it on Thursday in Chicago. Anyone in the Chicago area should check it out.RobertRRL specialist
Nope. All stores.
Additional 30% off all items already on sale. My name is Robert, I am the RRL specialist in Chicago. Off today, but call on Thursday if you want anything.
Hey Guys, We just put out the latest collection of RRL in Chicago. It is called Deadwood. Pays homage to the Western Saloons. Lots of unique pieces and some Limited Edition items. Best Regards, Robert
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