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Took some pictures of a new sweater that I haven't seen online yet. It is part of our second fall group, Isle of Mann. EDIT NVM, just saw the piece online. They must have put it up very recently. Very cool piece. Blend wool/cotton. $295. I think this is a great price considering it does have wool and an extensive embroidery and the fact that fleece hoodies in RRL can cost 225. Also, we have a bunch of belts that are on sale that don't appear online. The blue...
We just received some new leather wallets and accessories for the fall. (Some pieces pictured are from the spring and are on sale) -Robert
^^This is correct as far as makers.As far as the RRL made in the USA, but I'm not sure about the makers. In our books, they will mention that the cowboy boots are made in Texas or mention that the hide comes from Nebraska, but they don't specify makers. Only our buyers would really have first hand knowledge of this info.
UPDATE: Just got an email from our buyers in NY. The sale will begin on Wednesday, but the additional 25% won't start till Thursday. This shouldn't effect anything, since everyone will wait till Thursday anyways. For all those who requested items, I will track them down and put them on hold on Wednesday, so they can be rung up and shipped out Thursday morning. I will contact those who requested the items on Wednesday to get your info if I don't have it...
Heads up. The 25% off starts on Thursday. I originally posted it as Friday. Thanks, Robert
Good news. Just got confirmation that our 2 summer groups (maritime and drugstore cowboy) will be getting markdown on 6/28. The percentage will vary around 30%. Also, there will be an additional 25% off the sale price starting the same day. Please let me know if I can pull anything for you guys. Thanks, Robert RRL specialist, Chicago Robert.schoettker@ralphlauren.com
Hey guys, I was able to look at the upcoming fall collections. There are some really cool outerwear pieces coming in t he fall, as well as some nice beacon print sweaters. I know fall is still far way, but I will be sure to let you guys know as soon as we get the first shipment. Thanks, Robert RRL specialist, Chicago
Hey guys, We just received confirmation of the upcoming Designer Sale. It will start on Wednesday and include RRL, Black, and Purple Label. It looks like it will be our Spring Groups, Merchant Marine, Craftsmen, and TE Lawrence. I think the markdown varies between 30-40%. Please shoot me an email if you need/want anything. If you can't find your size online, I can try to find it in store. Also, whoever lives in the Chicagoland area, you should stop by. I'm on the...
Update: Today they told us exactly what is included in the upcoming private sale. RRL, Purple, and Black Label are all excluded. Private sale will pretty much be only Blue Label. They will most likely do what they did in the Fall, which was Private Sale is only blue label. Then, probably at the beginning of June they will do the Designer sale, which will include Purple, Black, and RRL. On a different note, we just received these limited Jack Warner bracelets. The...
Glad you are enjoying them. Looking good.-Robert
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