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It was from a holiday group from last year. It did retail for 345. It was decent wool, but 345 for a henley seemed a little crazy.
Not a new cut. Just low straights.Online descriptions are out of wack. Not sure where they come up with these names. That wash I think is a new wash called Bedford or Mississippi.
Not sure how much interest there is for high end watches on here, but I thought I would throw it out there We were lucky enough to receive the watch found in the link below. GQs watch pick. http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2012/01/watch-of-the-week-ralph-lauren-safari-rl67-chronograph.html I believe, the movement is Jaeger Lecoultre. I believe, less than 50 were made. All but 6 are left. The others were presold. It's a very cool watch in person. Let me...
Vintage: Engineer boots. Range from 40-70s. Some are redwings, others are no name. Around 8 pairs. Sizes are 9-11. Range from 545-1595.
More vintage: WWII era Peacoats. We have a 38", 40", and 42". 2 are 8 button double breasted. The other is 6 button. 495-595. 50s Harley Davidson jacket. Very small. Probably, close to an XS. Awesome piece. 3,200 irrc. We have one more vintage coat. I forgot to take a pic of it. It is a double breasted shawl collar rancher's coat. Grey/cream herringbone. 1950. I'll take pictures of it tomorrow. Let me know if you guys are interested in anything. I'm...
Update: We just received a ton of vintage stuff for RRL. If any of you have a high interest in any piece, I can take detailed photos of the particular item and take measurements. Please note, vintage items are non-refundable. -The sunglasses range from 195-495. Some come with vintage case, others do not. Range from glasses from the the 30s-50s. -The vintage scarves are very cool. Some of them are patchwork. 3 red and around 6 blue. Range from 195-225. -Can't...
^^ It's thick in person. Great piece. We have already sold the few that we had. There was a similar style of scarf last fall, but with a different design/print and that was 225. This is much softer than last year's scarf too.
Just wanted to throw up a picture of a piece that I haven't seen online yet. It is from the second fall collection, Isle of Mann TT. It's an awesome oilcloth moto vest. It has two big pockets on the back near the bottom. 590, I believe. Also, we just got our shipment of the Fisher Jacket http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13136249&cp=&kw=fisher+outerwear&origkw=fisher+outerwear&sr=1 This thing is insane. The small probably weighs 10lbs. I...
Idk, I like my jackets to fit like Black Label. I'm usually a medium in RRL, but I remember when we first got it early spring, liking the small better. It has been a while since we have had any in stock. Sorry about any confusion.
^^^ It was a decent piece. Kinda of big. I know it isn't a tailored piece of clothing and it is meant to be a loose reconstructed sport coat. I did like the idea of the jacket, plus it came with working button holes. If you like well tailored suits/sport coats I would pass.
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