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Private sale update: Just got confirmation of markdowns for RRL Presale starts Thursday 10/25. Sale will go public after a week. For those who aren't familiar presale is just an opportunity for good RL customers to get the sale before it goes public. They will usually send out special unique codes for online and will allow the sales associates to use their discretion on whether or not to off it to customers in the store that week. I can apply it for any of you. Sun...
You would be charge tax on the state tax rate. It varies state to state. Here in Chicago it is 9.75. I think most states vary from 5-6.5%. Yes, I can get free shipping too.
Thanks to all who contacted me for orders. I'm off today, but I will be heading in this morning for an hour or so to ring up the orders I have on hold and send them out today. Also, the company flip flopped and made the sale available online. I can do online orders from home for you guys. If your purchase is under 195, I am still able to get free shipping when I order items for clients. Best Regards, Robert
Update from my managers. The RRL give in style will only be available in stores. I've been grunting down items for people and having everything ready to go for Thursday. Please let me know if you need anything so I can pull it for you. Things are starting to go quickly. -robert
Thanks for all who reached out to me and helping a brother out. I can order anything for you guys, even if it is an online order. Also, if I order it for you, I can get you free shipping even if it is less than 195. Best Regards, Robert
If anyone wants anything for GIS, please let me know. I can put it aside for you to make sure it is available. Or if you wanted to help a brother out, I can order it for you online and help boost my sales . I'm out of town this till Monday. I will be able to catch up on work emails on Sunday. Best regards, Robert RRL specialist ,Chicago
The original peacoat that they did last year for 590 or 690 (I forget) will be available later this fall. It will be part of our Holiday Icon deliveries.
Give in Style is tentatively scheduled for Sept 27th. No word yet what labels will be included. When they confirm what labels will be included, I'll be sure to give you guys a heads up. -Robert
My two cents:All our denim stretches, whether it be the washed ones or the rigid/rinse/once wash. To defend the sales associate, in our internal product knowledge books they explain the denim in depth and state the prewashed denim shouldn't stretch as much as the rigid/rinse/once wash. The idea behind it being, the prewashed denim has already been washed and broken in and shouldn't stretch more.However, I believe denim will stretch .5" to 1". Some might just stretch...
New vintage items at work. 50s Hunting jacket. 225. Close to a 42" chest 50s Horsehide leather jacket. Forget the price around 2-3K. Around a L. 50s Barbour jacket. 1650. Around 40" chest. Let me know if you have any questions.
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