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Looking good. Glad it worked out.
About the shipping discussion: I hate the fact that we charge 15 for ground shipping in store. I think that is way too much, considering online is only 8 or free for orders over 195. It is our policy to charge. I try to get guys free shipping as much as possible. I have to get the manager to sign off for it every time to get the free shipping. Sometimes the manager doesn't always go for it though.
RRL holiday will go on sale on the 11th. Not idea of the percentage. I will know more on Friday. Those gambler jackets will most likely go fast. Thanks, Robert
Snapped some pictures of the holiday rigs for RRL. I know it is sometimes helpful to give you guys ideas on how to rig things. The photos are a bit washed out, because the lighting in the store doesn't aid well to photographs. Tombstone Last Waltz
As people have already mentioned, starting Tuesday, all sale items will receive an additional 25% off, instead of the 15% kicker that was offered during private sale. Also, for the first time ever, they are offering for a limited time 25% discount to vintage and antiques. (This does not include that new vintage link on the site) The vintage and antiques we have in the store are watches (everything from iwc, heuher, rolex, etc 20s to 60s), vintage western belts, engineer...
http://www.fransboonestore.com/store/Brands-Men/rrl/rrl-shawl-collar-cardigan This ^^^ Robear, the sweater is not itchy at all. Great piece in person. Also, although donegal wool aran knit cardigan is sold out online. We still have 3 left in store. 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 xl. 495 + 40 + 15. I will be in tomorrow (sunday) if anyone wants it. Thanks, Robert
Thanks for all who reached out to me to order the wingtips/lindricks. I didn't realize I was listed in this thread. I usually am in the streetwear in the RRL thread. We have been extremely busy the past few days. I believe I got to almost all who reached out to me. Thanks for your patience if I was able to contact you immediately. Best Regards, Robert RRL specialist, Chicago robert.schoettker@ralphlauren.com
Update: They made a last minute change and now the cordovan shoes/boots are included. I believe I replied to everyone who originally sent me a request for those. If I missed you, please email me again. I will be placing a lot of online orders for fellow sf members today. Thanks again, Robert robert.schoettker@ralphlauren.com
Update: Cordovan wingtips and Lindricks are excluded from the sale. These are usually excluded, because they are a year round shoe for the most part. Give in Style is the only time these seem to go on sale.
Private sale update: Just got confirmation of markdowns for RRL Presale starts Thursday 10/25. Sale will go public after a week. For those who aren't familiar presale is just an opportunity for good RL customers to get the sale before it goes public. They will usually send out special unique codes for online and will allow the sales associates to use their discretion on whether or not to off it to customers in the store that week. I can apply it for any of you. Sun...
New Posts  All Forums: