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To get things back on track. Summer RRL Sale Our first group, army surplus will be going on sale tomorrow. Roughly 30%. Search the website with that key term to know what is army surplus. Also, some summer icon stuff and summer bags. Thanks guys. Email me if you want anything and I can set it aside. As you guys know with last time, some RRL items can be sold out on the first day. Robert.schoettker@ralphlauren.com
^^ roper if you want something year round. Santa fe for just spring/summer.
Heads up: If you guys missed anything during private sale, now is your time. Now to till the 28th transcontinental willbe an additional 25% off the existing sale price. Starting on the 29th all other spring groups (santa fe, Brittany, and spring icon) will be roughly 40% off. However, they are allowing us to sell it at the sale price right now. (they are not eligible for the extra 25% though). Thanks, Robert
The first two shirts are not included. Those are core shirts that we carry year round. The last shirt I believe is from one of the latest summer groups, so it is not included. Hope this helps.
Not usually. However, I have seen purple label shoes on sale for as little as 500.
Update: Private sale starts April 25th. Mostly blue label and RRL. 30% off plus 15% kicker. Note kicker is only available the first week. 4/25-5/1. No cordovans included. As always, I can help you guys get anything from the stores or order online. I work in RRL at the Chicago store, but know the other labels very well. Thanks, Robert
No on the rigid officer chino.
No on the raw jeans. The Plainview boots might be. (90 percent sure)
Just got details for private sale. Starts April 25th. 30% off plus the 15% kicker. Please note the kicker will only be available the first week. Included groups: transcontinental, Santa fe, Brittany, and spring icon. Accessories associated with the groups are included. Select footwear. As always, let me know if I can start putting anything on hold for you guys for Thursday. -Robert
Nope. Chicago ^^
New Posts  All Forums: