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Gauging interest in this RRL book from 2001 Mulberry store opening. I've had it for years. No longer need or want it. $500.
Just got these Limited Edition shrink to fit Straight legs. Only 200 made. 16oz denim. Buy 2 sizes up to allow for shrinkage. $390. These wont last long. Call me if you want a pair. We only have waist sz 30-38. Robert 917-432-6714 is my direct line or just call the Mansion and ask for me.
Sale Update: There will be a sale on RLPL, BLPL, and RRL on Nov. 26th. The sale doesn't go public until Dec. 3, but we can presell in stores on the 26th. Discount is 40% off. All Fall and Holiday groups will be included. Fall (was already on sale a few weeks ago, fairly picked over) -lonesome dove -Golden Age (we have a lot of the sanders coat) -highland (Irish tweedy group, don't have at the mansion, but can order online.) Holiday -Adirondack Lodge (1st holiday...
Heads up guys, RRL presale (week before private sale) starts on the Thursday, the 24th. -The sale includes Lonesome Dove, Golden Age, Highland, and Fall Icon. -30% off plus 15% kicker -Only Lonesome Dove will remain on sale after the 11/5. The rest will go to full price. I work at the Mansion now and am no longer at Chicago. We don't have any Highland (Irish Tweedy group). Thanks, Robert
^^ Soon, we will be sending all our sale items out for distribution to the outlets this upcoming week. It might continue online for a bit more time, but stores won't have sale items.
Preview of Kids RRL. We just got some in our childrens dept. for the fall. Will only be between 2T and 7. They didnt want to do bigger boy sizes because it would be to close to a mens xs and small. These jackets are both made in the usa to the same standards as the mens. Price for these are 250 and 275. We will be getting more later this week.
Update: They pushed the extra 25 to Tuesday now.
Heads up guys: All sale items will be an additional 25% off starting the 27th. I still have a decent stock in Santa fe and army surplus. We have also received fall icon if you guys are looking for new items. I will always try my best to get things from other stores, but it is hard to garauntee items from other stores. If there is anything you guys for sure want and if I have it, I can set it aside. Please email my work email and not...
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