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You're a machine Rob. If you come across an extra rye let me know please and thank you:D Waiting for the results of the BTAC allocation here in Ontario which should be out by Thursday. This year they started to allocate by pure lottery which is great for guys like me who won't line-up in the cold at 3 am. Hoping dearly to get a Stagg.....
@steveyoo1983 Hey Steve, I'd be interested in the dark burgundy - any pics comparing the dark to the light for reference?
Would prefer the burnishing as I would prefer a darker burgundy. Good with leather sole and rain last well.
@steveyoo1983 I'd be very interested in a pre-order for an austerity brouge on the rain last. What leather are we considering - can I suggest burnished burgundy??
Deets [[SPOILER]]
Finally managed a full shot. Jacket looks a little tight Detail Shots in the Spoilers [[SPOILER]]
Great stuff Shaya. Just ordered a couple more squares.
Just tried the stagg Jr. I drank it neat and found it excellent. Balanced despite the high abv with some great flavours.
Picked up 2 bottles of the Stagg Jr at the LCBO last night and 2 bottles of the 4RSB today. I loved Stagg Sr. so much but cannot get my hands on it in the last 4 years. Looking forward to trying the Stagg Jr., if only for nostalgia. Based on reviews I've read the second run is much better than the first 2014 release which was apparently awful.
it is.
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