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Sizing advice re Memory. Large in Inis Mein and 5 in GRP knitwear. Typically a US 40R/L jacket. Greg - how warm is the coat intended to be? I note that this one is not lined all the way through the body? Thanks for getting really cool stuff....
Hey guys - anyone have any leads as to where I can locate the discontinued Canali Men for a friend? Trying to find it for under $100 bottle Any leads would be greatly appreciated
Thanks @in stitches. Suit - local MTM. Trousers are not satisfactory yet, but we are very close on the jacket fit after a few iterations. Shirt - local MTM Tie - Luciano Barbera Macclesfield Hank - Massimo Dutti Wool/Silk Hoofs - Carmina Dark Brown Wingtip Oxfords
I think we all agree that there will be errors and garments that are suboptimal after going through the process a number of times, whether mtm or bespoke with the benefit of a wonderful tailor. I don't think one should get the most expensive because you can. The rate of error should be a factor at the beginning and thats why I've said that a local tailor either the mystery Auckland tailor or pjohnson would be great for jfrater. Someone local with whom he can build a...
Here here. Should have put this first!
Just to weigh in here. I think the recommendation of L&L is not just because they are the most expensive but because Antonio is an excellent tailor and having the guidance of an excellent tailor is the best way to resolve fit issues, pick fabrics, etc. I think that Patrick Johnson is likely the best alternative for @jfrater based on what I've seen of their work and the benefits of having someone actually see him and the clothes together. If jfrater is new to menswear, why...
Just put in for oeso and oesk at barrel strength. Looking forward to receiving and trying the 2014 editions.
Xavier has done great work for me consistently and I trust him with big jobs (ie shortening jackets, etc)
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