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I understand they've now switched to Buffalo Trace barreled bourbon. I can't speak as to whether the newer batches are worth retail as I have not had a taste of PVW since 2009-2010 but I was more than happy to pay retail of $100 bottle between 2005 - 2010. Not much is "worth" the ridiculous secondary market prices, but if you want a good drink and have the funds then I don't hold a grudge against those that go out and get it.,
Maybe someones willing to sell you a replacement bottle at 10x retail?
I think @mossrockss improvement since I joined the boards has been tremendous. Everything he wears recently fits very nicely, looks like it fits his lifestyle and he displays a comfort level in what he is wearing. KUDOS! Also @GMMcL - jacket looks great on you and I really like that combo...
Being up in the Great White North getting samples will prove too difficult so I'd be happy to defer to the group decision if this happens. Which it should.
@CanadaCal I've bought quite a bit at Sultan's and he has a load of jacketing and pretty much anything else you might want. The shop can be a bit overwhelming, so best to go with an idea of what you want. Some of the bolts are claimed to be Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana, but contain no selvedge. While I've had success with some of those, and they are generally cheaper, you purchase at your own risk. His shirtings are also excellent. He's got everything, cotton-linen,...
Well 8000/180 = approximately $45 bottle. That's well below the new cost of the SB Barrel Proofs that you can buy retail, which now hovers around $69.99
Spoo's waiting on Prince or Mike Tyson to Luxeswap their entire wardrobe, Bissinger style
New Macclesfields! https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-schedule.html
Looking at some new vetiver and citrus scents for the summer. I had been wearing Vetiveru and Grey Vetiver. Like both, the Vetiveru specifically, but continuing to sample. In the citrus category, I just finished a bottle of Bigarade Concentree, and while lovely had very poor lasting power. Here's what's on my list of samples coming in. All comments are always appreciated: Citrus TDC Bergamote ADP Colonia Eau D'Italie EDT Ateleir Cologne Pomelo Paradis Vetiver Vetiver...
@NewYorkIslander I could probably get takers for about 8 - 10 bottles between my group here in Canada (and that may be conservative). I have a US address to ship to so it shouldn't be a problem for us to participate. Please keep me updated.
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