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Well 8000/180 = approximately $45 bottle. That's well below the new cost of the SB Barrel Proofs that you can buy retail, which now hovers around $69.99
Spoo's waiting on Prince or Mike Tyson to Luxeswap their entire wardrobe, Bissinger style
New Macclesfields! https://www.samhober.com/grenadine-schedule.html
Looking at some new vetiver and citrus scents for the summer. I had been wearing Vetiveru and Grey Vetiver. Like both, the Vetiveru specifically, but continuing to sample. In the citrus category, I just finished a bottle of Bigarade Concentree, and while lovely had very poor lasting power. Here's what's on my list of samples coming in. All comments are always appreciated: Citrus TDC Bergamote ADP Colonia Eau D'Italie EDT Ateleir Cologne Pomelo Paradis Vetiver Vetiver...
@NewYorkIslander I could probably get takers for about 8 - 10 bottles between my group here in Canada (and that may be conservative). I have a US address to ship to so it shouldn't be a problem for us to participate. Please keep me updated.
Never posted the pic of my most recent haul. Was a good one...
Sizing advice re Memory. Large in Inis Mein and 5 in GRP knitwear. Typically a US 40R/L jacket. Greg - how warm is the coat intended to be? I note that this one is not lined all the way through the body? Thanks for getting really cool stuff....
Hey guys - anyone have any leads as to where I can locate the discontinued Canali Men for a friend? Trying to find it for under $100 bottle Any leads would be greatly appreciated
Thanks @in stitches. Suit - local MTM. Trousers are not satisfactory yet, but we are very close on the jacket fit after a few iterations. Shirt - local MTM Tie - Luciano Barbera Macclesfield Hank - Massimo Dutti Wool/Silk Hoofs - Carmina Dark Brown Wingtip Oxfords
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