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To expand on Greg's point, when dealing with a fabric merchant like the one X asked about the selvedge can give you more predictability and is a reliable symbol of quality. Without it you are relying more on other senses and a bit of dumb luck in what you are buying
Yes, locally in Canada. Sultan is a nice fellow and I recommend calling the shop if you have questions. Some fabrics have no selvedge so can be hit or miss. I've gotten some great deals and other stuff I was not so happy with in terms of how it tailored. YMMV
Looks better on you that it ever did on me! Wear it in good health....
That finance background is really coming in handy Greg
Agreed @DonRaphael the one on the right seems more attractive to my eye. Carmina Rain Last by any chance?
Also got shipping confirmation from Steve on the burgundy austerity brogues...looks like a good month for us Carmina addicts
@NewYorkIslander You're a machine Rob - your great grandchildren will, G-d Willing, be drinking 100 year old Four Roses based on your purchasing habits.... I'd be tempted to sell that Cured Oak too, but I have such a hard time with the secondary bourbon market. Every time I'm tempted to sell a limited bottle I err on the side of drinking it....
Congrats spoo.wishing you and the fam much blessing in your new home.
Waist and inseam on epaulet trousers? Assuming its consistent if from one consigner. Thanks S.
I understand they've now switched to Buffalo Trace barreled bourbon. I can't speak as to whether the newer batches are worth retail as I have not had a taste of PVW since 2009-2010 but I was more than happy to pay retail of $100 bottle between 2005 - 2010. Not much is "worth" the ridiculous secondary market prices, but if you want a good drink and have the funds then I don't hold a grudge against those that go out and get it.,
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