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Got my decants of citrus/white florals so I'll try to contribute here. Thanks to all for their recommendations so far. Wearing Santa Maria Novella Acqua Di Colonia. Lovely Citrus, Pine/Woody initial notes. I find it to be a tremendously beautiful scent, HOWEVER, 5 minutes after I put on 4 sprays I could smell nothing. It's ridiculous. So disappointing. Therefore no notes on the dry down.
Thanks @HORNS and L'Incandescent for the recommendations. TF Grey Vetiver today for a long, closed door meeting with a regulatory official. The goal is to be totally inoffensive in every way.
Thanks Pliny! It is great but not exactly the one I was thinking of. I believe there is another head to toe shot where he is wearing suede loafers and a darker green tie. Anyway this is helpful too. I just got a jacket with a very similar check and I was looking for combo inspirations.If the other shot comes to anyone's mind I'd greatly appreciate it.
Question for noodlers - Can anyone point me to the picture of Mark Cho in the tan/blue/brown "Armoury Check" jacket where he is wearing a green tie. I could have sworn it was the subject of some discussion in this thread a while back (possibly about navy pants) but I cannot find it. About to order a green grenadine and the discussion above re the depth of the green and wearability has given me pause. Thanks in advance.
Today I am wearing Acqua Universalis by Maison Tim Kurkijdan. Love the initial notes on this as well as the drydown but it has almost no projection. I find this is the case with a lot of citrus/powdery scents. What are the more long lasting, well projected scents of these two varieties? I have a few samples on the way from STC to try including: Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Colonia Comme des Garcons Series 4 Cologne - Vettiveru Le Labo Bergamote 22 Serge Lutens...
Looks fantastic s. What suit is that?
To expand on Greg's point, when dealing with a fabric merchant like the one X asked about the selvedge can give you more predictability and is a reliable symbol of quality. Without it you are relying more on other senses and a bit of dumb luck in what you are buying
Yes, locally in Canada. Sultan is a nice fellow and I recommend calling the shop if you have questions. Some fabrics have no selvedge so can be hit or miss. I've gotten some great deals and other stuff I was not so happy with in terms of how it tailored. YMMV
Looks better on you that it ever did on me! Wear it in good health....
That finance background is really coming in handy Greg
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