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@sirLF for the record, that was one of the classiest vendor interventions I've ever seen on this site. Good for you for wading in and standing up for your business model without being overly aggressive or the least bit condescending. People can complain all they want but it's your skin in the game not theirs. I look forward to your new store and hopefully future success.
I've spent a considerable amount of time at Sultan's. Never had an issue browsing in the back, pulling out bolts, etc. As I've said before on this page, many of the fabrics in the back are without selvedge so you have to take him at its word that something is "Zegna" or "Loro Piana". I've had some good experiences and some bad with these mystery fabrics in terms of drape and performance but all in all Sultan is a good guy, and it is a fun resource to have if you are not...
3/4 lengthI got lucky. Big fat zero.
Just received my latest NMWA package including the AFB LBM DB Overcoat. It is extremely beautiful and the AFB shade which is just brighter than a true navy really makes it a unique and wonderful piece. Once again Greg was spot on with sizing as well. Thanks guys.
AFB Polo Coat Ordered. Very excited. Been waiting for a heavy duty winter coat that's office appropriate for a long time. Happy Bday to Greg and the whole team at NMWA
About to pull the trigger on one of the LBM overcoats. @gdl203 I'm about a 41R/L. I tried one last year in the shop and remember you recommending the 54, though I thought a 52 was a nice albeit a bit snugger with less room for movement. I think I'm going to follow your recommendation and go 54 but I need to know: Are these cut the same as last years models? If I'm looking at the DB - will it fit similarly in the shoulders/body as the SB last year? Would you change your...
Mytailor is coming the 12 and 13 if you're looking for new shirts. I'm on my fourth order with them and their fit is excellent.
Any info on prices yet?
FYI. Vass is handwelted not goodyear. So is Saint Crispins
Timing is good. My wife is really ready to kill me as the "bunker" grows...I promised no new bottles for a while but January should be sufficient...
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