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About to pull the trigger on one of the LBM overcoats. @gdl203 I'm about a 41R/L. I tried one last year in the shop and remember you recommending the 54, though I thought a 52 was a nice albeit a bit snugger with less room for movement. I think I'm going to follow your recommendation and go 54 but I need to know: Are these cut the same as last years models? If I'm looking at the DB - will it fit similarly in the shoulders/body as the SB last year? Would you change your...
Mytailor is coming the 12 and 13 if you're looking for new shirts. I'm on my fourth order with them and their fit is excellent.
Any info on prices yet?
FYI. Vass is handwelted not goodyear. So is Saint Crispins
Timing is good. My wife is really ready to kill me as the "bunker" grows...I promised no new bottles for a while but January should be sufficient...
@NewYorkIslander Thanks Rob. What's the timeline from selection to bottling? I'll try to get some of my guys together to take a few bottles.
@The Noodles Re: next suit. Frankly, i think the bigger problem with your suits to date have not been the shoulders but the trousers. The drape at the seat is what I would try to address rather than more structured shoulders. That Lazio has light padding and looks good but you'll have a much better overall look if you remove the excess fabric at the back of seat and thighs. Have you tried on the Lazio trousers? I believe they are fairly slim. Might be a good fit.
Psyched to have got one of the cream of wheat. My first pair of walts and first order from Epaulet. Then the cold hard cash came up and ..........
Hey Mike is the oxford more charcoal or mid-grey? Thanks in advance.
I've gotten hit on my last three orders. 1 from Skoak, 1 from Gentlemen's Footwear, and first time I got hit with HST on a shipment from NMWA. With the 78 cent dollar and potential duties and tax I'm much more considering using my US residence as a shipping haven and delaying gratification until I can get out there.
New Posts  All Forums: