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The delivery address I gave to G was my office. We have a full-time receptionist and no package would ever be refused without someone checking with me. I was in the office all day today and there was no attempted delivery. Aight - I'm out! Thanks for trying to include me guys…..
Still nothing from Canada Post and this is getting a little ridiculous considering that the box was 30 min away on December 30! Any ideas?
And just like that.......he's gone... [RD or IS help me with the GIF please]
TIE SWAP BOX EMERGENCY! I've tried tracking the package on USPS and it indicates that the Box was delivered to the Canadian Post Office on December 31. I had also been tracking by Canada Post's website - which is where the status above came from. All of a sudden today the Canada Post website has no record of this transaction.......
Going out to play some puck now. I call all ties with a navy ground. thanks guys.
Nick - Pretty meagre in terms of breadth of styles - maybe 2/3 wool silk in different colorways and a couple of meh linens. Definitely not worth 2 hour trip. OT - I agree that there is a lot of very nice stuff there now, some beuatiful Isaia suits and sportcoats as well, but not at eye popping discount levels (yet ) I love Samuelson. The geneva cut is fantastic for sportcoats. I tried on a Richard cut suit, which is a drop 7, trimmer than then Ashton, with a nice natural...
Grrr...... Will have to wait until the New Year gents ____________________ 2013/12/31 10:10 YORK Canada Post processing error; item re-routed. Possible delay
About time we had a consolidated thread to report on sales and to post pics of kops at the HR Outlet, the only brick and mortar discount shop of any value here in Toronto. I went yesterday to check out the post boxing week sales. Prices were not outstanding, but there was some nice stuff around. Here are my highlights: - Quite a few Cucinelli reduced all over the place. Some sportcoats as low as 599 for cashmere and a few suits for around 1000. Cotton Trousers were...
Back in town and delivery expected tomorrow as per Canada Post's website. Well done. All the best Gyasih to you and your family. Sorry for your loss.
Thanks guys - to avoid a repeat of the last Levoosh scenario (although it would be hilarious) I am leaving town on the 17 and returning the 29th so maybe best if I don't go first. I don't really care where I fall out so you can adjust the order accordingly.
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