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Thanks for the compliments guys. The point was not to solicit compliments (although they are appreciated), but to give you some ideas of what I beleive a well-rounded and useful ties wardrobe can look like. Hope you find it helpful in your quest.
Don't know if this helps you Noodles but I was recently taking inventory of ties after completing almost a full purge and redo of my tie wardrobe over the past 5 years. This is definitely not the most complete collection but I thought it might be helpful for you to see what I have found to be a very useful and well rounded (and not overly large) tie wardrobe. For context, I am a lawyer and wear a jacket and tie everyday. Some days very CBD for meetings and court, but I...
I can see it now:"Dear Canada Post,As a result of a total screw up in your mail system you prevented me from trading ties with my anonymous male internet friends. I demand compensation"I think I'll pass! Good luck TSB:slayer:
The delivery address I gave to G was my office. We have a full-time receptionist and no package would ever be refused without someone checking with me. I was in the office all day today and there was no attempted delivery. Aight - I'm out! Thanks for trying to include me guys…..
Still nothing from Canada Post and this is getting a little ridiculous considering that the box was 30 min away on December 30! Any ideas?
And just like that.......he's gone... [RD or IS help me with the GIF please]
TIE SWAP BOX EMERGENCY! I've tried tracking the package on USPS and it indicates that the Box was delivered to the Canadian Post Office on December 31. I had also been tracking by Canada Post's website - which is where the status above came from. All of a sudden today the Canada Post website has no record of this transaction.......
Going out to play some puck now. I call all ties with a navy ground. thanks guys.
Nick - Pretty meagre in terms of breadth of styles - maybe 2/3 wool silk in different colorways and a couple of meh linens. Definitely not worth 2 hour trip. OT - I agree that there is a lot of very nice stuff there now, some beuatiful Isaia suits and sportcoats as well, but not at eye popping discount levels (yet ) I love Samuelson. The geneva cut is fantastic for sportcoats. I tried on a Richard cut suit, which is a drop 7, trimmer than then Ashton, with a nice natural...
Grrr...... Will have to wait until the New Year gents ____________________ 2013/12/31 10:10 YORK Canada Post processing error; item re-routed. Possible delay
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