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Last two days: Details. Pants were grey flannel Details. Shirt is lavender stripe. Square is brown with light and navy flowers.
When STF lists length do they measure from Bottom of Collar or top. It is not explained clearly on the site. From the mesaurements on the Finamore SC's I would expect Bottom of Collar but need to make sure.
Lets see a fit pic as that is the ultimate decider as to whether it is a keeper.
Looks good IS. Based on the buttons and the weave it looks like you've got your summer navy sc covered. Next up is F/W.....
Queston regaridng the Herring 026 last - is the consensus to size down one full US size or a half US size. The website is not clear. Thanks.
This goes here as well..... (Xpost)
The fall winter version of Unbel's jacket:
+1 - would love to see a visual
Thank you both. I will consider the grey buttons, what material is used? Mother of pearl or horn?In respect of the makeup - I was thinking about a three piece SB as the extra warmth would be seasonally appropriate, but I work in CBD environment and cant see wearing the vest without prompting a few looks, so I think I will go with the 2 pc but consider the vest as an addition down the line.
I'm having a new suit made up in this VBC mid-grey flannel. Likely configuration is soft 3 roll 2, flap pockets, notch lapel, spalla camacia shoulders. Pants will be flat front with belt loops - debating cuffs. I am seeking advice regarding buttons. I'm leaning towards dark brown horn and I wear brown shoes 90% of the time, but I'm second guessing it only because as a fall-winter suit, I could see myself in cooler colours and wearing black shoes more with this...
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