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Shaya - great photos and thanks for sharing. Any word on the Lavenham jackets?
I've handled a pair of them. Blake stitched, decent lasts and leather. I'd say good value for $200, but not mind-blowing by any means.
Yes I am in Canada. I don't really mind being at the end espescially if the level of ties continues to be maintained. Alternatively, I can send my tie to swap to one of you and then can have whatever I choose to swap for sent to me here to avoid shipping the whole box back and forth. I leave it in your hands,
Much obliged gents. Looking forward.
Any chance I could get in on the next round of upgraded TSB?
Howard Yount Made in the USA fit dress pants are amazing for guys with more athletic thighs. If you are really concerned then buy your size and a size up in the waist and you can always have them tailored depending on which fits you best. I've ordered from HY 5-6 times and never had duty charges.
Would appreciate some help locating a small blue/black houndstooth flannel. I have seen it on a couple of RTW suits and would love to locate the fabric for myself. Anyone seen one in any of the books?
TweedyProf - you were asking about the BB or Kamakura Collar. The link below was shared with me in response to my post above seeking a nice soft BD collar (credit to RBJ1) http://enc2010.blogspot.ca/2010/11/mr-hemrajanis-shirts-mytailorcom_10.html Looks like the poster was able to achieve a good result with these measurements.
Same here. Most of my shirts from them are at least 2 years old with heavy rotation and have held up wonderfully. Espescially the stithcing. No loose threads or popped buttons. Unfused collar and cuffs are hard to iron - its part of the charm.
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