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Thank you David - you have my PM. I will continue the noble trend of passing along the swatches when I am done.
Now that the webshop is taking orders - any info re sizing of the Olfe last? Is the consensus that Meermin shoes are generally sized in UK sizes?
David - I understand that you are currently moving but when can we expect the new Macclesfield prints up on the site?
Malford and DS, Next time just link to the FS threads
I beleive that Tony Gaziano has done trunks shows with Chris Despos who is based in Dallas. Not too far away and you can get fitted by the man himself.
4 days ago I contacted Pepe about purchasing the suede cap toe brouges in the Olfe last. He replied that they were not taking any more orders until the web shop was up and running. Is it safe to assume that the orders for people like JPHardy who are receving their shoes now were placed in advance? If not, whats the secret word to get shoes? Finally, anyone have any experience with the Olfe last. Looks a little fuller and rounder, but any info is appreciated.
Calm down there buddy - if you chose to read peoples comments, people who have likely have 10 to 20x more experience with Vass than you do, then you would see that the "$50" remark was in reference to Ascot selling Vass shoe trees seperately on-line. No one is questioning the authenticity of your shoes which I'm sure you paid a pretty penny for.You've been here a month - thanks for sharing the pics but please take the time to listen to those who came before you rather than...
That is a very attractive collar and I appreciate you talking me back from the leadge. It is invariably an impulse of mine when doing MTM/Bespoke to get a statement piece, even when the best thing would simply be another grey suit or blue shirt. I will let you know how it goes and will try to post photos when they arrive
ET and Burton - thanks for your replies.Would you consider the photo above extreme? I remember the thread that Burton refers to - I beleive it was modeled after the Udeshi collar, (shown below) which I agree looks totally ridiculous.I thought the Finamore shirt shown above was cutaway but still business appropriate.Considering your advice, would you consider the shirts below a better option? I note that the front band looks quite high on the first shirt. Can you suggest a...
+100. Door opens, Light goes on, Jackpot. In for proxy if it happens.
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