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Same for me. No likey
Stitch - I like this quite a bit. What colour are the trousers?
It is my personal preference, and I know there is opposition here, that neat patterns do work with busy sportscoats if the shirt is plain.
I did see that but I was having site issues so couldn't post or comment for a while. I much preferred the blue short navy tie. While there is black in the pattern IMO the black and white give the impression of gray and purple for the jacket. Try end on end light blue shirting or chambray to add texture. I prefer them with sportscoats to the smooth broadcloth shirts with little or no surface texture.Also I wouldn't mind this with a navy neat with a purple pattern such as...
Another endorsement of Spoo - first class guy to deal with and he has great knowledge of the ebay market. If you have something in your closet that you dont reach for and no time/patience to deal with ebay or B+S, this man will help you monetize it.....
Shame we never saw the outcome of this. Where did UrbComp disappear to?
Multiple problems lately: - can't use the forum's drop down list - just says loading with red x - can't post images says "problem submitting this to the server - please try again" - can't read existing thumbs up - can't post exsiting thumbs up - says rating failed, check to see if you are logged in.... (I am)
Interesting thanks. I usually stay away from broader stripes like that but I'll consider it.
Unbel - what did you have in mind? Bengal stripe? I have not tried that with this jacket but the check pattern may be small enough that it would work. I treat this pencil stripe shirt as an effective solid that adds a bit of texture, but I'll try the light blue Bengal stripe next time, although I don't think the green tie would look as good with the broader white ground - would probably go navy tie. thoughts?
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