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Hi David - I was not able to book an appointment with you on your last visit here - but if I may ask - how was the Toronto trip?
Glad to see this is back on track and that the box has resurfaced. I had my doubts there for a while....
Lodger Captoes on the way I hope we have appeased the consigning gods to merit more goodies...
@SpooPoker Rain is wider than Simpson. I think a lot of people have difficulty wearing both. I cannot wear Simpson at all. Too narrow. Rain fits me perfectly.
Thanks for the compliments guys. The point was not to solicit compliments (although they are appreciated), but to give you some ideas of what I beleive a well-rounded and useful ties wardrobe can look like. Hope you find it helpful in your quest.
Don't know if this helps you Noodles but I was recently taking inventory of ties after completing almost a full purge and redo of my tie wardrobe over the past 5 years. This is definitely not the most complete collection but I thought it might be helpful for you to see what I have found to be a very useful and well rounded (and not overly large) tie wardrobe. For context, I am a lawyer and wear a jacket and tie everyday. Some days very CBD for meetings and court, but I...
I can see it now:"Dear Canada Post,As a result of a total screw up in your mail system you prevented me from trading ties with my anonymous male internet friends. I demand compensation"I think I'll pass! Good luck TSB:slayer:
The delivery address I gave to G was my office. We have a full-time receptionist and no package would ever be refused without someone checking with me. I was in the office all day today and there was no attempted delivery. Aight - I'm out! Thanks for trying to include me guys…..
Still nothing from Canada Post and this is getting a little ridiculous considering that the box was 30 min away on December 30! Any ideas?
And just like that.......he's gone... [RD or IS help me with the GIF please]
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