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I've been very pleased with them although I've never had the opportunity to work with Joe. However, I too am struggling to find the right collar option. On their next visit I am going to see if we can come up with a hybrid option of one of their collars to address some of the failures. BTW if anyone has a Hemrajani button down with a nice soft roll I'd greatly appreciate an order # and a picture. We are still working to get it right on one of my most recent shirts.
Commissioning a new navy blazer. 2 patch, notch lapel, barchetta breast, brown horn buttons Preference is for something 3 seasons (Fall,Winter,Spring). I'm trying somebody new who has access to mostly VBC fabrics and some ariston. Any recomendations for a classic hopsack weave that fits the bill?
Best of luck Greg
If ayone is willing to proxy on a couple of the LB twills for a fellow torontonian let me know.
Not attending
[[SPOILER]] IS - fit of everything is very good. Particularly like the glasses.That's a tough jacket to pair due to its small pattern and the fact that it essentially resolves to a grey base. I liked it better with the mid to dark grey trousers, but neither is ideal. If the pattern were larger, ie. a large scale pow check I could see it working, but the pattern gets lost a few feet away making it look like an ill matching suit with the light grey pants.
TD - as a TSB1 orig participant - do I qualify?
Sounds good D. If we can avoid Fri-Sat I'd swing by.
I'm all for the idea of a meet-up at Leatherfoot. San Fran chapter have been hosted by local retailers and the Leatherfoot guys are very chilled out. I think it's tacky to ask for any discount, but that's just me......
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