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Hemrajani Bros will be in Toronto on October 17, 18. In speaking with them recently they advised that in order to make it worthwhile to come back to Toronto on a regular basis they would need increased orders from their visits. Based on the well-established members who have posted shirts from Mytailor and the recent pictures of tailored clothes which seem to be a tremendous value, I would hope that a few more members in Toronto would give them a try on this trip. It...
Thanks very much for the response. Agreed that should be great for winter up here.
Greg, Really beuatiful wares. Are the polo coats true winter weight (for a New York winter) or only Fall? Do you know how many ozs the fabric is? Thanks.
IS - I think that's a miss on the shirt. Tie is good with the jacket, though I'm not a huge fan of the tie. Re the shirt: Too many solids and blue is too saturated. I would have opted for a striped shirt. ie. Blue/White University stripe OCBD
Nicely done Roger - Leatherfoot is sooooooooo underappreciated in Toronto. Most people have no idea of the value they are offering. In an ideal world no one in Toronto to ever buy another pair of $450 Boss shoes at Holt Renfrew again....
I've been very pleased with them although I've never had the opportunity to work with Joe. However, I too am struggling to find the right collar option. On their next visit I am going to see if we can come up with a hybrid option of one of their collars to address some of the failures. BTW if anyone has a Hemrajani button down with a nice soft roll I'd greatly appreciate an order # and a picture. We are still working to get it right on one of my most recent shirts.
Commissioning a new navy blazer. 2 patch, notch lapel, barchetta breast, brown horn buttons Preference is for something 3 seasons (Fall,Winter,Spring). I'm trying somebody new who has access to mostly VBC fabrics and some ariston. Any recomendations for a classic hopsack weave that fits the bill?
Best of luck Greg
If ayone is willing to proxy on a couple of the LB twills for a fellow torontonian let me know.
Not attending
New Posts  All Forums: