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A sign you shop too much is when you cannot remember what you bought
Beautiful coat! Who makes the trousers? Can never have too many pairs of mid-grey flannels.
Good man Roger - it's the thought that counts! Another beneficint member of our Toronto SF community has offered to help me out so I should be ok.Enjoy your new SC - would love to see a pic when you get a chance.I picked up a light grey Canali cashmere and hemp K jacket last year. I think its very important for a grey jacket to have real texture to work at all.I wear mine for more casual occasions so great with jeans but also with brown trousers as OT pointed out. If you...
If anyone is heading out there I would appreciate a heads up for a proxy. I live in midtown TO and work in downtown but simply will not be able to make it out there. Easy to meet up and do an in person exchange. There is a specific Samuelsohn Sport Coat in the Geneva Cut I'm loooking for - it is a very large scale POW in brown and cream - I think it was Colombo cashmere if I am not mistaken. I'd be looking for a 40R. Send me a PM if you can help out.....
Vass sizing question - 9 in Carmina Rain Last/9.5 in Crockett and Jones 341 What are your suggestions for the F last?
IS - that looks really good. Titchadesh!
Anyone here who took the black sembrogues in a 9 UK - a pox on your house! Also poor communication by the Shoemart. Was experiencing some website difficulties and there is literally no one to talk to from outside the US.
IS - that looks great.
Thanks guys. Finish up your Round 1 and I'd be happy to join for Round 2.
I've always wanted that Panta that Derek just swapped in.....Was sold out before I could get my hands on it Now I really want in...
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