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SF is awesome. Got a great proxy hookup and couldn't have made it easier. I called the store early yesterday morning and was advised they would not ship. I told the salesperson to expect about 500 more calls. I wonder what percentage of their merchandise ends up with SF members. Next time they should just do the sale here, eliminate the middle man.....
Anyone from NYC willing to proxy for me? Please please......Think of it as your good deed for christmas
IS - Happy Hanuka! Try not to singe that tie on the candles
Stitches - Tie is not good. I try to limit my paisleys to wool or wool challis or at least to keep them smaller scale. Shirt and suit are not offensive.
Someone say tieswapbox...?
Three new linen squares for the summer.
Howard Yount Lambswool flannels, noname italian 7 fold tie
Ridiculously good price for this coat. If it was 42R it would have been mine already....
What about the grey flannel chaklkstripe Luciano Barbera suit - single or DB and tagged size?
IS - seasonality has an impact on whether something is good taste. I know that you have said you are not at a stage where you can have a seasonal wardrobe but you would be better served in your purchases by doing so. For instance both the blazer and tie are decidedly spring/summer while the flannels and suede shoes are decidedly F/W which results in a discord in the outfit. I recall that in the summer you were wearing what appeared to be a flannel suit. Start grouping...
New Posts  All Forums: