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Yes it is. Not that happy with it unfortunately. That's why I didn't credit you
I've never heard of or seen those shoes. The funny thing about the HR outlet is that they sometimes have stuff that I'm sure was never in a Harry Rosen. 2 years ago I got a wool cashmere Caruso Sartoria Parma Sportcoat (which I've never seen in Canada, let alone HR) for $200
Yes there was a brown herringbone 42R in geneva cut. I got a grey/brown canali k jacket for $215 and dents suede gloves for $20 Sportcoats are getting pretty picked. No shoes left of any import. Seemed like lots of shirts left. No great value in the suits that I saw.
Recent Hemrajani Bros. 2 White Royal Oxford (only one pictured). Thanks to Cantabrigian for the collar help with these. Blue/grey gingham button down. Still struggling with my button down configuration to get the elusive roll. Any suggestions from those who have done better would be appreciated.
Got the same email and Im going tonight. Thanks for the heads up.
Agreed - shoulders are throwing the whole jacket off. IMO you are going to need a complete remake or refund.
Dark Mustard with dark purple and blue paisleys
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New Luciano Barbera wool tie. IRL its a dark mustard color with dark purple and blue paisleys. Here is a closeup I struggled finding a co-ordinating PS this morning so opted for none, but I'd appreciate some suggestions.
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