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You rang?
Here ya go: http://www.samhober.com/college-university-silk-ties/cal-berkeley-reppe-stripe-silk-tie-40.html That should do the trick
Was just thinking about this after reviewing the Epaulet x Carmina MTO thread. Would be fun if we could do local Carmina MTO options through Leatherfoot
Anyone have any more experience with Nick's Custom Boots - going to be taking in a few pairs for re-heel and possible full re-sole. Would appreciate any feeback.
Dealing with a similar issue (ie. bespeaking navy cotton suit and wondering about versatility of the jacket alone) - woud cotton jacket and tan linen pants be less incongruous?
Great minds.....
Canta and TD - thanks for the suggestions.
Tie is deep crimson to avoid the anti red tie briagde
Thank you gentlemen. Duly noted
I generally agree, but I thought this was passable and wanted to give it a whirl. So what's the final verdict - passable or terrible? (clearly not exemplary)
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