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Greg and Roger - thank you for your thoughtful responses. unfortunately does not look like vass will happen this time around. Got the old passive aggressive - "do whatever you want , i won't tell you what to do" from the wife when I ran it by her. Classic rookie mistake……Soon it will be mine though...
Need sizing advice for nmwa austerity brogues in f last. I'm a 9 uk in carminative rain and pretty much a 10 us. Have somewhat high arches and a slightly wide forefoot. Thanks guys
Nmwa addicts - Need advice. Stuck between vass austerity brogue and as hunt in Russian calf. Which is more useful - planned use is for wear with suits in law form environment. Re sizing for vass - I have no idea. I'm 9.5e uk in cj 325 and size 9 uk in carminative rain. From previous research I should be a 9 uk in the as but need help with vass. Thanks all.
Shoulders are 18 inches across. Hope it works for you.
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Thanks G and RD. So it goes. Would've been either the Marinella or the Conrad Wu for me - what would I have swapped....you'll never know......
Somebody believes in these guys: http://pando.com/2014/02/06/jack-erwin-laces-up-2m-to-make-premium-mens-footwear-affordable-and-accessible/
I'll get back to you later tonight
Excellent @europrep. Thanks very much!
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