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I'll get back to you later tonight
Excellent @europrep. Thanks very much!
Need help on AS sizing. I wear a 9.5 in CJ 325 and 9 UK in Carmina Rain. I cannot get my feet into the Simpson last, so I've concluded I'm about a bit wider US 10. The 106 last looks like it will be fine, seems generous around the forefoot and nice round toe. Should I be a 9 or 9.5 UK in the Russia Calf Hunt Wingtip? Your help is much appreciated.
OT you dominate that place. Enjoy and wear in good health
As stated above - exciting that Toronto is getting some Pappy. You gave to be there when the store opens to get a ticket to allow you to buy. $80 retail. 1 bottle per person limit. I can't be there Saturday so if anyone is going with a friend to buy an extra bottle, please give me a holler.
With NOS shoes I'd consider it but the leather looked great on these out of the boxYes, one fill size down from US size
Here is the maiden outing for the Lodgers. They were definitely sung at first but are breaking in REALLY nicely...That V will be much less pronounced shortly. Fit is going to be spot on after a couple of wears. These are straight of the box. No polish, no saphir as yet.
If anyone has buyers remorse on an 8cm burgundy neat please let me know...this is one of the few events that makes me miss not living in NYC anymore
Do tell. Hate seeing those Drakes sale pics - makes me jealous
For sale is a stunning Rafaelle Caruso Sartoria Parma (Caruso's Highest Line) Fall Winter Sport Jacket The coat was purchased new by me from a reputed retailer. Worn a few times but I have shrunk out of it. Listed as a 42L drop 6, but the length may work for a long bodied 42R as well. 3 Roll 2 with a beautiful soft lapel roll. Single Vent. Fabric composition is 85% Wool, 15% Cashmere. See the pics for a small example of the handwork, but this coat is literally...
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