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Muzzies IS!! Lots of naches...
Hey Greg - are you getting Calabrese for S/S as well?Any new neckwear makers for S/S or F/W?
OT - thanks so much. This weekend is not possible for me but if you are around and see some 2 buttons in 40R in any of the more modern cuts I'd appreciate a heads up. May be a good time to re-stock with some beaters.... @othertravel
Ya lost me there Stitches
It's a Purim Miracle!
It all comes from a good place for TSB
Anyone know if WRAdvisor is a bus driver?
I see you've discovered this, but he lives in the real world, not on these boards. I'm swamped at the office so not in a position to post fits, but google images should help.
Rudals, Look at photos of Matteo Marzotto. He is a great example of CBD done right both in color and style. Should be good inspiration for how to avoid being boring. The steps you want to take (ie. gingham shirts) are, with great respect, totally wrong.
Seems that it opened February 20 as per the SS website.
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