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Might I recommend Berg and Berg for wonderful belts that are an incredible value. I have 2 and they are comparable with most high end italian belts that I've handled. I think these 2 would be excellent staple dark brown belts. There are a number of other great colours and materials. If you ever get to this level, their tubo suede belts are incredible.
Check out Vanda for a beautiful navy/green blockstripe
Just wanted to say that I received delivery of my carmina's from Steve this week. Dark Brown Full Brogues. Pics next week on the maiden voyage. The transaction could not have been easier or more pleasant. I look forward to doing much more business with Steve in the future.
+1 to Kulata. I moved to linen cotton and end on end almost exclusively for new shirts and the texture enhances almost every look I find that in many of your striped and checked shirts, like the one above, there is an over-abundance of white space. I'd try to add more hairline stripes or microchecks.
Muzzies IS!! Lots of naches...
Hey Greg - are you getting Calabrese for S/S as well?Any new neckwear makers for S/S or F/W?
OT - thanks so much. This weekend is not possible for me but if you are around and see some 2 buttons in 40R in any of the more modern cuts I'd appreciate a heads up. May be a good time to re-stock with some beaters.... @othertravel
Ya lost me there Stitches
It's a Purim Miracle!
It all comes from a good place for TSB
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