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Someone say tieswapbox...?
Three new linen squares for the summer.
Howard Yount Lambswool flannels, noname italian 7 fold tie
Ridiculously good price for this coat. If it was 42R it would have been mine already....
What about the grey flannel chaklkstripe Luciano Barbera suit - single or DB and tagged size?
IS - seasonality has an impact on whether something is good taste. I know that you have said you are not at a stage where you can have a seasonal wardrobe but you would be better served in your purchases by doing so. For instance both the blazer and tie are decidedly spring/summer while the flannels and suede shoes are decidedly F/W which results in a discord in the outfit. I recall that in the summer you were wearing what appeared to be a flannel suit. Start grouping...
Same for me. No likey
Stitch - I like this quite a bit. What colour are the trousers?
It is my personal preference, and I know there is opposition here, that neat patterns do work with busy sportscoats if the shirt is plain.
I did see that but I was having site issues so couldn't post or comment for a while. I much preferred the blue short navy tie. While there is black in the pattern IMO the black and white give the impression of gray and purple for the jacket. Try end on end light blue shirting or chambray to add texture. I prefer them with sportscoats to the smooth broadcloth shirts with little or no surface texture.Also I wouldn't mind this with a navy neat with a purple pattern such as...
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