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This came up on a friends facebook page - @Tirailleur1 is that you and were you in a mall in Philly yesterday?
Thanks Trini for the advice. Convinced and in.
Question regarding the 2 BOOT MTO's: Which in the opinion of the thread is the more formal/suit appropriate. I need a pair of dress boots. I'm not set on bal boots and I think the dark brown scotch grain will not be too rugged looking with the dainite sole I'm leaning towards the 973 on the rain last, mostly because of the last and the sole. Would appreciate your thoughts.
Might I recommend Berg and Berg for wonderful belts that are an incredible value. I have 2 and they are comparable with most high end italian belts that I've handled. I think these 2 would be excellent staple dark brown belts. There are a number of other great colours and materials. If you ever get to this level, their tubo suede belts are incredible. http://bergbergstore.com/leather-goods/belts.html?___store=world&%3Bp=1&p=1
Check out Vanda for a beautiful navy/green blockstripe
Just wanted to say that I received delivery of my carmina's from Steve this week. Dark Brown Full Brogues. Pics next week on the maiden voyage. The transaction could not have been easier or more pleasant. I look forward to doing much more business with Steve in the future.
+1 to Kulata. I moved to linen cotton and end on end almost exclusively for new shirts and the texture enhances almost every look I find that in many of your striped and checked shirts, like the one above, there is an over-abundance of white space. I'd try to add more hairline stripes or microchecks.
Muzzies IS!! Lots of naches...
Hey Greg - are you getting Calabrese for S/S as well?Any new neckwear makers for S/S or F/W?
OT - thanks so much. This weekend is not possible for me but if you are around and see some 2 buttons in 40R in any of the more modern cuts I'd appreciate a heads up. May be a good time to re-stock with some beaters.... @othertravel
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