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Tie is deep crimson to avoid the anti red tie briagde
Thank you gentlemen. Duly noted
I generally agree, but I thought this was passable and wanted to give it a whirl. So what's the final verdict - passable or terrible? (clearly not exemplary)
X Post - not sure about the PS but best I could come up with today
I struggled to find a square again today and would appreciate some feedback on the one I settled on. The diamonds are orange, not brown with lavender in the centre. Jacket is brown herringbone Trousers are light grey flannel Shoes are suede brogues
As Canta has noticed, the collar ended up a little flat/no roll. I have discussed with Hemrajani and we will look at it in February when they are next in Toronto. They are really a pleasure to deal with so I'm sure we'll get it ironed out.Canta - are you suggesting that I can simply move the buttons up on the current configuration to add more roll? I've played with that idea but thought it would throw off the whole collar.
I'm also in Toronto and we agreed it would be easier to do it by Paypal. Was seemless.
I went back yesterday and picked up a brown herringbone unconstructed Samuelsohn sportcoat. Not the same insane price reductions but for such a great staple I couldn't resist. Also there are some Drakes Silk and Wool pocket squares for $29.99. Maybe 5-6 left that I saw in 3 patterns. I picked up this one:
Yes it is. Not that happy with it unfortunately. That's why I didn't credit you
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