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amazing how everyone remembers my holding of TSB1 for 3 days which I then promptly shipped out to Spoo, but everyone seems to ignore the fact that WRAdvisor stole ALL THE TIES!!! That said, I am honoured that "Levooshed" has become a part of the SF vernacular....
I'd be in, if you'll have me
IS - looking good. I think you need a pair of light grey trousers though. I know you said you do not dress seasonally but for spring summer I would find that more pleasing. In fact, IMO many of your fits would be improved by a little more contrast between jacket and trousers.
OT, Please provide further details of said sale
You rang?
Here ya go: http://www.samhober.com/college-university-silk-ties/cal-berkeley-reppe-stripe-silk-tie-40.html That should do the trick
Anyone have any more experience with Nick's Custom Boots - going to be taking in a few pairs for re-heel and possible full re-sole. Would appreciate any feeback.
Dealing with a similar issue (ie. bespeaking navy cotton suit and wondering about versatility of the jacket alone) - woud cotton jacket and tan linen pants be less incongruous?
Great minds.....
Canta and TD - thanks for the suggestions.
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