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@NewYorkIslander and other aficionados of this thread Need your recommendations here. My brother is going to Memphis next week and is able to bring me back one or at most two bottles of bourbon. I'm going to contact some of the local liquor stores to see what they have in stock. I can't spend a fortune but would like something unique and delicious as this opportunity pops up infrequently. Up here in Canada we are just starting to get decent bourbon trickling in, but still...
Just to weigh in here on @GMMcL's previous post which has lead to the recent discussion. I agree with @spectre that the offender in GMMCL's fit is the pocket square. I can see what he was trying to do as there is a hint of olive/brown in the ps that echoes the tie but the other colours in the ps are too far afield to make it work. I think the outfit with a different PS (maybe a navy/white floral) would have been better. I also think that a plain blue shirt would have...
Thanks @joelscott7
Does that cover bourbons as well?
Wow Rob. That is a serious collection. Seems like your summer is spent searching for bourbon with the family. Great way to combine family time and a hobby! Question for the canucks here - is there anyway to determine when the LCBO is receiving stock of the better bourbons, like a newsletter, etc. I frequent the Summerhill LCBO and happened to be there when they put up a sign that they were receiving a few bottles of Pappy 12, but otherwise it seems like I'm always too late.
David - that is beautiful. Where is the cloth from and what is the weight?
Awesome, thanks.Anything above 500 grams in the Mantova or Eidos stuff?
Hey Greg - are you planning on stocking the Luigi Bianchi Polo coats again this Fall. I need something heavy for everyday wear in the Canadian winter and regret not picking up the navy hopsack last year. Anything planned in that weight this year?
Lavenham Jacket and Drakes shantung received yesterday as well. Beautiful goods and Shaya is tremendous to work with.
I go to Sultan's often to pick stuff up. Shirting is really great. Problem with jacketing and suiting is that much does not have selvedge and it is sometimes not clear what you are getting. That begin said, pricing can be pretty good and occasionally a grail find can be made.
New Posts  All Forums: