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If I didn't just spend all my cash on other things this would've been mine. Navy donegal LB Sartoriale looking almost new in 40R for $265 ?!? Someone buy this please.
Get in Ed's pants for a pittance
Spoon that's crazy. Congrats. Buzz is a wonderful writer and FNL is a masterpiece. But based on the article I hope that the stuff was cleaned before you picked it up
Today. Linen/cotton, linen and shantung in October. Not complaining.
You're killing me here Jerry!
@gdl203 Time to start this up again?
@gdl203 You're a great e-friend (with e standing for enabler). First NWMA purchase coming right up! Navy archival and brown with pink and purple - the donegal can wait until next time.....
Going back and forth on 2 Calabrese ties right now. Leaning towards the Navy and rust archival print and the rust donegal, but the brown purple and pink archival print is also really calling my name. Any suggestions? Greg - would the rust donegal work with both a navy and mid-grey flannel suit?
@GMMcL I've knocked you before for too many patterns but that is four pattern bingo VERY nicely done. Jacket also looks like it fits very well.
So diplomatic @RogerP #TeamDainite #Bootsareforwinter #Canadianwinteriseightmonthsayear
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