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@gdl203 You're a great e-friend (with e standing for enabler). First NWMA purchase coming right up! Navy archival and brown with pink and purple - the donegal can wait until next time.....
Going back and forth on 2 Calabrese ties right now. Leaning towards the Navy and rust archival print and the rust donegal, but the brown purple and pink archival print is also really calling my name. Any suggestions? Greg - would the rust donegal work with both a navy and mid-grey flannel suit?
@GMMcL I've knocked you before for too many patterns but that is four pattern bingo VERY nicely done. Jacket also looks like it fits very well.
So diplomatic @RogerP #TeamDainite #Bootsareforwinter #Canadianwinteriseightmonthsayear
Steve - How long will the burgundy u-cap remain open? Need time to get my ducks in a row....
I vote for sunday
Has anyone asked David @Sam Hober why he is letting the Macclesfield printed silks dwindle in number?
Was taking stock of the current lineup so thought I'd share. Not NYI proportions but it does the job.....
@Isolation - at the risk of impugning my reading comprehension skills - are you female? That would explain some of the styling/fit issues that you are having and I think would alter some of the advice you are being given?
@DonCologne - That's the best shirt collar I've seen from you. If that is MTM keep doing exactly that.
New Posts  All Forums: