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IS - that looks really good. Titchadesh!
Anyone here who took the black sembrogues in a 9 UK - a pox on your house! Also poor communication by the Shoemart. Was experiencing some website difficulties and there is literally no one to talk to from outside the US.
IS - that looks great.
Thanks guys. Finish up your Round 1 and I'd be happy to join for Round 2.
I've always wanted that Panta that Derek just swapped in.....Was sold out before I could get my hands on it Now I really want in...
Shaya - great photos and thanks for sharing. Any word on the Lavenham jackets?
I've handled a pair of them. Blake stitched, decent lasts and leather. I'd say good value for $200, but not mind-blowing by any means.
Yes I am in Canada. I don't really mind being at the end espescially if the level of ties continues to be maintained. Alternatively, I can send my tie to swap to one of you and then can have whatever I choose to swap for sent to me here to avoid shipping the whole box back and forth. I leave it in your hands,
Much obliged gents. Looking forward.
Any chance I could get in on the next round of upgraded TSB?
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