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I vote for sunday
Has anyone asked David @Sam Hober why he is letting the Macclesfield printed silks dwindle in number?
Was taking stock of the current lineup so thought I'd share. Not NYI proportions but it does the job.....
@Isolation - at the risk of impugning my reading comprehension skills - are you female? That would explain some of the styling/fit issues that you are having and I think would alter some of the advice you are being given?
@DonCologne - That's the best shirt collar I've seen from you. If that is MTM keep doing exactly that.
Borboun has landed! The old scout is 8 years. The four roses is 9 years 8 months and oesk recipe.
Dad of 3 here. We had our first two 18 months apart. It was a very difficult time, essentially like having two babies considering our eldest still wasn't sleeping. It was not unusual for all 4 of us to be up at 3 am. That being said, they are 6.5 and 5 now and fantastic friends. By 3 they were already occupying each other which made our lives MUCH easier. The 3rd was a game changed but he's a super agreeable kid so it's been better. Our eldest is a boy too, and...
SOTD - Jo Malone Sweet Cedar and Lime courtesy of @Master-Classter - who gave me a 45 minute crash course in fragrances. Guy knows his juice. Cedar is too strong on first spray for me, but I love the dry down which remains woodsy with a hint of lime. Really starting to like this the more I wear it, alas it is discontinued.....
Thanks for your help gents. Order placed for Private Store Barrel's Of Four Roses and Old Scout.
Thanks again for your responses guys. Ok so here is the final tally on what's available based on your very helpful suggestions: Old Scout 6 Old Scout 10 Old Scout Store Private Bottling Four Roses Single Barrel, Barrel Strength They also suggested: Black Maple Hill Rye Michter's 10 year Rye I've had the Black Maple Hill Bourbon but never the rye so I'd love some help on that. Right now I'm leaning towards the FR and the Old Scout Private Store Bottling. Any further...
New Posts  All Forums: