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Great pair of shoes available here for UK 10. Cliff Roberts Oxfords with lasted trees for $255!!! Go get em... http://www.styleforum.net/t/423300/drop-nwob-cliff-roberts-10e-uk/0_100
Seeing on Luckyscent that Helmut Lang EDP EDC and Cuiron have all been re-issued in what is supposed to be a true replica of the original formula - I've ordered samples and can report but anyone tried the new stuff?
Just to chime here. I'm a 9 UK rain, 9.5 in Forest and Uetam. I cannot get my foot into a Simpson last shoe. I find the Uetam is a good loafer last, definitely narrower than Rain, but IMO wider than Simpson but with a tight heel to prevent slippage of a loafer.
Nice job guys. Let's keep b&s thriving
If I didn't just spend all my cash on other things this would've been mine. Navy donegal LB Sartoriale looking almost new in 40R for $265 ?!? Someone buy this please. http://www.styleforum.net/t/429285/exc-luciano-barbera-sartoriale-caraceni-or-attolini-blue-donegal-flecked-sportcoat-40r/0_100
Get in Ed's pants for a pittance http://www.styleforum.net/t/429123/panta-clearance-pants-in-size-30-32-and-36/0_100
Spoon that's crazy. Congrats. Buzz is a wonderful writer and FNL is a masterpiece. But based on the article I hope that the stuff was cleaned before you picked it up
Today. Linen/cotton, linen and shantung in October. Not complaining.
You're killing me here Jerry!
@gdl203 Time to start this up again? http://www.styleforum.net/t/132467/gdl203s-highly-edited-and-unexplained-sf-best-looks/400_100
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