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@SpooPoker Whats the width difference between Rain and Robert. I've got a couple of rain lasted shoes where the width is juuuuuust right. Wondering if Robert will be too narrow. Thanks for these awesome offers!
Picked up my second pair of Butteros during the footwear sale. Linen canvas are just the quintessential summer sneaker. Gonna wear the hell out of them Thanks @gdl203 and crew!
[[SPOILER]] @Master-ClassterWhat your describing is the reason that age stated Macallan has become so scarce. Age statement? Check. Familiar Name? Check. Appropriately high price? Check. Enough cache that i can impress my friends/colleagues when I take this bottle out? Check.Scotch producers sell the majority of their product to the masses where tasting notes and profiles are second to the concept of "will the person recognize and appreciate this bottle/" (in concept, not...
[[SPOILER]] I have a bottle of that Benrinnes but haven't opened it yet. Very curious for your thoughts when you do open it.Have moved from American Whisky to scotch acquisition in the last 6 months to balance the bar. Recent acquisitions include:- Glenfarclas 17, 21 and 25- Springbank 10, 15, 18- Glenmorangie Signet- Glendronach 15 Revival- Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Sherry Cask- Caol Ila Distillers EditionThe Caol Ila is very interesting. It is finished in muscatel...
Please advise as to pricing of fresco
Thanks Kyle - can you comment on the width?
@conceptual 4est @gdl203 Hi guys for barbanera, the U wings are listed on the sale page as going for $332.50 before discount, but when I put them in my cart they go back up to $403? Can you clarify what the pricing is before the additional markdown? Also - in terms of width how does the barbanera last compare to Carmina Rain, Crockett Jones 324 and Vass P2. I'm somewhere right around the bounds of width on the F last and p2 is a little more forgiving. Thanks!
I've done quite a bit of MTM but no true bespoke. That being said I've had a couple of MTM jackets with a basted fitting and they are by far my best fitting jackets. I think I will insist on that going forward even if it is an extra cost. FYI - when I met with Hemrajani in October i tried on one of their fitting models which fit rather well. They will do a basted fitting for no extra cost if my memory serves me the only downside being the process takes longer. Jackets...
Hey@gs77 is the Garrison Sale a one day event or can I go by tomorrow without an invitation?
Congratulations Jeffrey. All the best. Does that mean your returning to Montreal?Samuelsohn has done some very interesting models recently, my favourite being the Geneva sportcoat cut. Fabric choices have been pretty good and the some of the cuts are really very modern.If they would only drop the buttoning point a little bit, I don't think i'd need to go anywhere else for clothes...
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