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Thanks Greg @gdl203 Any recommendations on a new scarf to wear with the AFB DB LBM Overcoat? Want to keep it fairly dressy I'm looking at these 2 currently: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/navy-and-brown-plaid-lambswool-angora-scarf.html http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/large-copper-navy-and-grey-large-check-lambswool-angora-scarf.html
Thanks Shouldaville. That is very helpful. I think I can now buy with confidence.
Thanks guys. Sounds like a 42.5 would be perfect. Not sure if I should err on the small or large side though.....
@gdl203 Quick Buttero Question to confirm sizing. I'm pretty much a 43/9 UK/ 10US, but need a bit of a wider last (ie. Carmina Rain, potentially P2 Vass). Am I best off trying purchasing a 42 in the standard low tops? Any sizing or break in difference between suedes and leathers? Thanks.
Thanks Rob will respond soon. Just finalizing where its going
Congrats @SpooPoker Continued success in your expanding business.
@NewYorkIslander Rob - sounds great and as always you make it about more than you. Classy move. I'm in for 2-3. Will have to send you the shipping containers.
@sirLF for the record, that was one of the classiest vendor interventions I've ever seen on this site. Good for you for wading in and standing up for your business model without being overly aggressive or the least bit condescending. People can complain all they want but it's your skin in the game not theirs. I look forward to your new store and hopefully future success.
I've spent a considerable amount of time at Sultan's. Never had an issue browsing in the back, pulling out bolts, etc. As I've said before on this page, many of the fabrics in the back are without selvedge so you have to take him at its word that something is "Zegna" or "Loro Piana". I've had some good experiences and some bad with these mystery fabrics in terms of drape and performance but all in all Sultan is a good guy, and it is a fun resource to have if you are not...
3/4 lengthI got lucky. Big fat zero.
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