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Oh really?
For those interested in the Brooks Brothers version of the Shaker Heights with the tartan panels instead of the Harris tweed, they are also part of the current sale. I just picked up a pair of seconds for $159. Not bad for boots that originally sold for almost $500
Those Weejuns are great. Do they fit true to size? I'm thinking about getting a pair and plan on wearing them with socks
I went to ---> click on "magazine gentlemanly sophistication" ---> click on "subscribe" which opens a new window. Here you can choose a country and for the US I get $59.Maybe you have to clear your cookies first. Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll try to post the subscription card
I'm not home right now, but their website has US subscriptions for the same price as the card. I looked it up to see if they made a mistake on the price on the card.
I found it in a b&n just outside Baltimore
Not sure it this is already known to all, but Barnes and Noble is selling The Rake magazine. I just picked up the March issue for a cover price of $6.99. The crazy thing is that inside the issue is a subscription card for 1 year, 6 issues, for $59. Cheaper to buy in stores if you can find it.
They are black 8.5D Neumoras. If anyone is interested PM me.
Has anyone ever successfully returned a pair of seconds once worn on the street? I bought a pair of Neumoras during the last sale from the Jeffersonville outlet over the phone. Once they arrived I tried them on and they seemed to be fine while walking around the house. However, today I wore the out for the first time. After wearing them to work and walking around all day they developed a bad crease around the toe area on the left shoe. From what I've read on this thread...
I like how the listing says "gently used". Why not send them back to AE and have them recrafted? Let the professionals do the work. Looks like they have already been recrafted once.
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