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Really hate em all.
Ran some intervals today, 12x 15sec sprinting 15sec walking/slow jog.
When I get sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead
I would really recommend a pair of Acne, must say I really enjoy them.
Well, one more day and we will find out if they have gone all out of ideas with the preppy When that's said, C. Bass has dressed more and more grown up as the seasons went. In late season 2 he dressed like his dad, more or less. Most because he took over the company, so he's excused. I actually liked the outfit with the suspenders.
What do you guys mean with the word casual? Is casual school etc or does parties go under casual aswell? Kinda new on the forum, sorry for the dumb question.
^^ Go for the first ones
Not to much exciting to be honest. Will try the jeans on, same goes for the white shirt and the cashmere v-neck.
Bought a pair of chinos from OL earlier this year, and I simply love it. Tried some knit's aswell, but didnt have my exact size. Haven't got so much of their collection here in Norway, hopefully some stores will get in some of the shirts.
I hate the patches, can't really feel it at all.
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