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I like the bag aswell.
Full time student. Not sure what to study after the next two years, hopefully something within finance in US or UK.
Or he just took a photo of em in the store Still, they get a nay from me aswell.
Ignore the crumpled collar, just got out of the washing machine - thought I would try the sweater with shirt+tie. Thoughts?
I would definitely go for the Darltons, which in my opinion is better looking than the Aldens.
Since I don't live in a city i'll just rate the two nearest cities. Sandnes - Small, fugly, nothing to do whatsoever 1/10 Stavanger - Small, not so ugly, atleast have some menstores 3/10. For both and Norway in general - EXPENSIVE. Example: 170USD for a PRL oxford shirt. Someone please come to Norway and take me back with you to the US.
Whenever I see a really nice ass, I tend to get happy, lol. Also fall break coming up in a few days!
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu But why are we talking menswear? Isn't this question about OP's mom? As I said earlier, I'm mainly talking menswear BUT it would be a great plus if the place had womanswear aswell so she could get something for it aswell. And no, I don't want any huge logo flash crap, nor any Brioni or Canali suit as I would never ever let my mom buy me a suit. So I won't mention Century 21 to her. So Woodbury Commons...
^Thanks! Any brand specific ones worth visiting?
Well, in both contexts actually. As long as they are worth paying a visit I don't really care if it's one label only or clearance sales as marshalls.
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