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Full time student. Not sure what to study after the next two years, hopefully something within finance in US or UK.
Or he just took a photo of em in the store Still, they get a nay from me aswell.
Ignore the crumpled collar, just got out of the washing machine - thought I would try the sweater with shirt+tie. Thoughts?
I would definitely go for the Darltons, which in my opinion is better looking than the Aldens.
Since I don't live in a city i'll just rate the two nearest cities. Sandnes - Small, fugly, nothing to do whatsoever 1/10 Stavanger - Small, not so ugly, atleast have some menstores 3/10. For both and Norway in general - EXPENSIVE. Example: 170USD for a PRL oxford shirt. Someone please come to Norway and take me back with you to the US.
Whenever I see a really nice ass, I tend to get happy, lol. Also fall break coming up in a few days!
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu But why are we talking menswear? Isn't this question about OP's mom? As I said earlier, I'm mainly talking menswear BUT it would be a great plus if the place had womanswear aswell so she could get something for it aswell. And no, I don't want any huge logo flash crap, nor any Brioni or Canali suit as I would never ever let my mom buy me a suit. So I won't mention Century 21 to her. So Woodbury Commons...
^Thanks! Any brand specific ones worth visiting?
Well, in both contexts actually. As long as they are worth paying a visit I don't really care if it's one label only or clearance sales as marshalls.
My mom is taking the trip over the ocean this weekend and are heading to NYC. So therefore I'm wonderring if there is any good outlets in or outside NYC that are worth paying a visit. Thinking about male clothing here naturally, but it wouldnt be a minus if it had some female clothing aswell, so she could get something out of it aswell, hehe. Thanks! Oh and yes, sorry if anyone feels offended by my bad grammar.
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