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I really like my YSL Rolling in black patent. Other then some few exceptions I like my sneakers simple. Like the all white converse in first post here.
The smell of a nice steak when I get home from training is always pleasant.
Comes from the guy with shoes as avatar Anyways I agree with you, shoes aint going to get you laid.
Sleeves are a bit to long as the others already have stated. But the shape of the jacket overall was very good. Not so excited over the pants, too much fabric as someone already stated.
PM sent for 11.
Noddy. Silly name
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Badminton Disagree. Badminton require some heavy skills, actually. Youtube Peter Gade or some of the asians and see for yourself.
Can't see any of the pictures, same on every one. "Upgrade to pro"
I like the bag aswell.
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