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Bought this blazer in october and I've only gotten use for it one time, so it got no signs of use at all. It is true to size and have a rather slim cut. Can ship worldwide, but I could deliver it in person if you live in London. RRP: 600GBP/963USD New price: 100£ If you want to see more pictures or from any other angle, just ask.
Barely used sneakers for sale. Bought these around 2 years ago in my little rebel streetwear period, but they have haven't been a success and since I'm now a poor student, they have to go. The size is 42,5 but they fit big. So if you're a size 43 or 43,5 these would fit great. If you need more pictures just ask, new to this. Sending worldwide, but if you live in London, I could deliver them in person if wanted. Since I was so sure that I'd keep them I threw away the...
I love this thread! Thought everyone in the US hated soccer, and it amuses me to see that some of you guys actually love it that much. Keep it up!
I just bought a Panasonic LX5 and I'm more than happy. No idea what it costs in US, but it is small - looks decent and takes good photos (for my use anyways).
English tap-water.
6' 266" (191cm) - 181 lbs. Huge.
SpooPoker probably got good enough reputation as it is, but I really feel like telling my experience with him aswell. Absolutely a fantastic seller! Bought 2 PS from him, and got it 4 days after contacting him. And I live in Norway.
Delivering pizzas and being a lifeguard (local pool). Still a student tho
Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn her site says she ways born on the 3th of November 1995, which makes her 15. She is 15, yeah. One of the most popular norwegian blogs, actually.
^Or you could simply ask anyone living in Norway to ship some over
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