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Available anywhere in Florida? Orlando or Miami. Cheers
The uniqlo's fit me funny. A lot of extra cloth in the back, looks weird to be honest. Getting mine tailored to fit better, if I can find a rather cheap one. If not I'll just keep using them under sweaters. I'm 6' 3" 207 - so rather built myself.
How do you measure the thigh? Size 36 is for example 13.25" - will it then be 26.50" around the thighs? Probably a stupid question, but just wants to make sure I don't do any stupid mistake before ordering.
Only good ones I assume?
A very nice briefcase indeed. May I ask how old you are?
The buttons is sewn, not functional
Didn't have a tape measure when I made the post, and I've just forgotten about since. Here is the measurements:Chest measurement/underarm to underarm: 20"waist: 18"Shoulder width: 17,5"Jacket lenght excluded collar: 30"Sleeve lenght: 24"No idea on the usual measurements on a 36s, but you could compare these measurements with one of your jackets.
*Price drop* 270 GBP
*Price drop* 100 GBP
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