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Sorry, but can some helpful sort tell me again how to send luxire a picture of a detail you are requesting.
I nearly bought a pair of Oliver Peoples from this guy but concluded that he was a bit odd and didn't go ahead. Later I received an email from to the effect that he was trying to prove to his bank that he could achieve some record or other in internet sales and offering a discount on items purchased in that month. Needless to say I didn't go ahead.
Anybody interested ? They are too heavy to justify posting. I am located in SW London. PM me if interested.
Thanks to both Vox and George for taking to time to reply. I was not aware of Filson bags but they are interesting and mentioned in another recent thread. Ettinger bag I will check out this week. Thanks again S
http://da-i-net.tumblr.com/photo/128...o11QLzK1qb5a3z Anybody know where in US or UK you can buy them?
This thread is fascinating. It gives me a chance to completely ignore any post containing a tailoring diagram. I thought about posting a picture of an A and S jacket from 1990 which is in a similar material - but then I thought - nah. Nobody likes to see an old man cry.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Stop playing the innocent party ... The last time you made comments about my dead mother and my kids for heaven sake.. You made also comments about my nationality and my grammatical shortcomings even if you perfectly know English is my second/third language... . Really? When? Links?
I have 2 pairs of the original unlined loafers. They remain amongst my all- time favourites. If you started again I would almost certainly become a customer. with best wishes for your future. S
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Did i miss this or did nobody mention the "slouchy" elegance of the guy on the right? His look is great and his shoes are very good.
[quote=gshen;3061114][center]BRING IT ON, DTO! It looks very good on you gshen. Still hoping to catch up with you ( and maybe phat guido if we're lucky) when I'm in SIN. Roughly mid -April till about the end of May are the plans for the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: