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Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Is there a "Lost for Dummies" anywhere? It gives me a headache to do it, but I navigate through here when I try to figure out what has been answered, what is still unknown, etc....
Interesting. I find it's usually the other way around (woman is fashionable, and pushes man into wearing more fashionable attire....hence, how I found this forum). Like others have mentioned, women's fashion changes so rapidly that keeping up with what's "in" would exponentially increase her shopping budget. That's why shops like Forever 21 and the like are so popular - the clothes are throwaway quality and cheap, but as soon as it falls apart it's likely out of style...
Thank you for this tip! I stopped off at Walmart to pick up some contact solution, and instead of beelining to the register, I remembered this thread and stopped off at the men's section to check out their ties. I found one I really liked, brought it home to my husband who commented, "That's a nice tie!" before he found out the brand. For nine bucks, I (we) cannot complain.
I initally voted "yes" because....well....I'm a girl. But then I realized that I like how snarky you guys are over here, and how the girls at my purse and fashion forums get way too sensitive when something "not so nice" is posted.....yeah, I think it should absolutely remain separate.
I vote for tickets to a show or an event she wants to go to.
Not sure when you were planning on going, but I just got back from a Napa trip over New Year's weekend, eating at Cyrus, Bouchon and Ad Hoc. My meal at Cyrus was a HUGE disappointment, especially considering all the praise that I heard. While the service was excellent and spot on, about half of the dishes of the eight course menu were "meh" or way overpowering (lobster w/tamarind sauce and the pork with red wine risotto were definitely not winners like they sound). ...
Yes, you can find that at Whole Foods.
Wow! You need to start up a shop on Etsy and start making money on these things! That is talent.
Like others have mentioned, you will lose the case if it goes to a Paypal dispute so best to take it back and offer the refund and have him agree to a "non sale" so you can get your Ebay listing fees back.
I bought my husband Ribbed Tees based on the undershirtguy's recommendations and thought they were just okay - they stretched out way too quickly (like after the second wear). I may give the Tommy John's a shot though, the only thing I can see wrong is that they may be TOO long.
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