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Mine did the same I just ironed them
still available
[/IMG][/IMG]I have a brand new toj1 bomber size 44 from 2011 i would say if fits like a US extra small. Im looking for $300 obo if you have an offer message me. email is chrisnosnah@yahoo.com
I have a Brand New 2011 toj1 varsity jacket size 44 The color is black wool with black leather sleeves and digi camo inside. Any questions email me at chrisnosnah@yahoo.com
Where do you get AAA for $4 ?
if i soaked my chambray in hot water then dried do you guys think there will be some noticeable shrinkage?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I have this as well as the wal-mart one I picked up recently. This above has a much smaller face than either the wal-mart or the j. crew. It's sharp looking but I didn't like the small face. Plus the way the pins are situated, there's not much room to slide in a replacement strap. The strap that comes with it isn't a Nato strap but just goes from the pins. So you cant change the straps on this black one at all?
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