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I got a TOJ 1.5 Stock 48 with black sleeve and gray body.... purchased new in 2010 but only worn a couple times that winter. Didn't fit me well... anyone interested?
I have a stock 48 TOJ baseball with shawl collar. Gray body black sleeves. Email me or PM for pics! Haven't worn since I purchased couple seasons ago because it never fit me well. Looking for a 49 or 50 baseball. Show me what you got! Thanks
E-mailed them about those svensson sneakers, they have another low pair of all whites that look exactly like CP tournament lows... until I realized 1499 sek = 240 USD. No thanks.
payment sent on diors!
I was just forwarded the job application also. In mines however it says you need to have mandarin chinese skills. I also applied, we shall see WHO GETS CHOSEN HEH HEH.
Quote: Originally Posted by kickstart I've just about finished my degree...except it's in Accounting, not Finance, and my marks are sloppy. I'm having a hard time getting a graduate job. The thing is, I have 2 years full time experience at a Big 4 Audit firm (doing Audit AND Tax). I'd like to move into some sort of research assistant / junior analyst type role for equities. Has anyone got any tips for breaking into the industry when I have the...
I was in a very similiar situation as you. I graduated with a BA in Biz Econ from UCLA, with a 3.5 GPA. Unemployed for 6+ months after graduation and recently just accepted an offer from a large mid-tier securities brokerage in the back office/operations department. They are licensing me with series 7 and 66, which is a great plus, but I am getting shit pay considering my alma mater and GPA. I'm just working here to gain experience and to eventually go to Business school...
i know im lowballing your offer right now, but Ill offer 200 shipped on them. I sold a pair of these in white for 180, same condition few weeks back. wanted these blacks or the horse hair ones. again i apologize for lowballing but my whites took about 6 months to sell with starting price of 220...
I have 710xx in 33 worn with minor fades. interested in the diors and skulls... pm me...
whats your price after the drop? for the clarks
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