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PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by chpartisan Looks like the 25% off deal is back (from redflagdeal forums) 25% off ANY suit, plus one free tailor-made dress shirt, one free accessory (a tie or a pair of cufflinks) and free shipping with coupon code REDFLAGDEAL at I am seriously contemplating trying them out for a basic navy suit. Trying to decide between Indochino, The Wizard of Aahs and Retail (yuck). Their navy fabric is...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghsv81 Previous ties all sold... but... I have 2 more ties for sale that I got today and decided just to keep the same old thread. Updated title, description, and pictures. Thanks for looking! Check your PMs.
KW's pocket squares are legit.
Jason, Your fabrics look great. Look forward to ordering soon. SAP
Quote: Originally Posted by kidcloudkicker I'm looking for some recommendations on what color tie to wear. I have a charcoal colored suit and a light purple gingham shirt. I'll be wearing this to a wedding. Any input appreciated. Also, advice on a pocket square? A dark purple - either solid or with a subtle pattern. For example:
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