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This may have been discussed previously in this thread, I'm sorry. But when did the price go up on SAB cases? I've noticed you can't find the machine closed ones any more. It makes me sad, I've been saving for three years for one to buy when I graduate this year, and I'm just noticing now
Are suede Chukkas like Alden's Flex Welt appropriate for year round wear, or do they have a "season"
He really is. At first I was weirded out by the 100 percent email communication, but appreciated getting responses at weird hours. Then when I got the email warning me of the impending delivery I loved how he finished the email with "thank you for your appreciation of alden shoes"Your right, they are darker than I expected but absolutely amazing.It's nice that they are finally getting just a little appreciation, nobody I know personally understand why I waited 7 months for...
I ordered these from AoC back in Feburary, and they finally showed up last week. Ravello LWB with double leather soul. First pair of shell cordovan shoes, completely and totally worth the wait. Cell phone camera doesn't do them justice, and kinda adds a little red or pink to it thats not really there.
It made have been said I haven't caught up on the thread, but i talked to Alden of carmel and they are swapping the sole on their Ravello LWB to double leather
Are you sure your not talking about this?
Not specifically alden related but just wondering about The Shoe Marts free shipping, is it insured for the full value? I'm about to order some expensive Shell aldens and need to know if I need to upgrade the shipping...
So I'm looking for some Ravello LWBs, and looks like I've missed my chance for quite some time with Leffot. AoC carries them, but with a crepe sole. I was really hoping for a leather sole. Since these will mostly be worn casually for the next two years, I suppose crepe will do. But in the future, if I'm not a fan, an a cobbler put on leather for me?
Yep, exactly why I didn't like them. I was looking for a leather soul. I forgot to mentioned that, but it was like 3 in the morning I was tired I'll check all those others too, maybe make some calls to see if theres any future plans.
I've been watching for a couple weeks, but unable to find some shell wingtips or longwings in Ravello. I see Leffot and LS have had them in the past, but are long since sold out. I'm guessing because its winter time they're focusing on the boots, how likely is it somebody will get some come springtime?
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