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MoM and get Smart .......the 'crossovers' you talk about were around in the late seventies, in the north of England at least , and worn by lads on the Northern Soul scene . They are hideous , although i did own a pair in cherry red and a pair in black .
Just cut it off
Quote: Originally Posted by Lnja Bought a pair of brown suede desert boots. Should I suede protect them? Is it necessary? Pointless in my experience
Not RL but..........
This one seems to go against what most on here want from raw denim jeans . I recently bought my first pair and really want to keep the dark crisp look to them , really dont want creases and fading I know your gonna tell me im defeating the object but............. Is it just a case of wearing them less or has anyone got any suggestions to keep that newish look Cheers
Lacoste polos Clarkes desert boots
Never done it myself but see nothing wrong in getting it done if it gives you a better fit and you want to look and feel your best . Suit , shirt , t shirt , whats the difference , we all wanna look our best no matter what we've got on
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Am I stupid to want these? I would have said so
Im 6' 7 " and 99 times out of a 100 when i try something on it wont fit right but that one time it does i pay what it takes to own said item . Guess what im trying to say is nice stuff that fits is out there , just seems to take forever to find it . You just gotta keep looking . On the subject of jeans i take 36x36, these come up big and a 34x34 fits me perfect , best jeans i ever owned
Only desert boots worth wearing are Clarks IMO obviously
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