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If one is to be completely vertical, the cost of running your own manufacturing is astronomical. The labor, machines, electricity, space, up keep, and then factor in health care, fare wages, vacation time, etc. for all employees. The list would be especially daunting for any new designer let alone some of the bigger brands out there who design and produce everything under the sun from shoes, bags, to stuffed animals. You could say that maybe over the long run, if a company...
Sorry if this has been asked before (I tried searching and came up short) but could one size down .5 or even 1 full size down on Carpe Diem back zip boots?
I agree as well. I'd be fine with a antique silver zipper or something of that nature. I'd actually prefer it to look a bit more rugged and therefore (imho), more Viberg.
I'm down for that. As long as it's somewhat dark and not natural it's all good.
Yea I would prefer smooth leather as well. Horse is good with me. I also would love that bison leather if possible. Also this might not be possible but I also would love for the interior lining to be black. I know Viberg doesn't typically do this but I think it would be a nice touch.
Did a quick and dirty mock up.
I'd also be down for an all black side zip boot. Black leather with black leather sole (or dainite would be cool too).
Nice! Zip boot and I would be in.
I agree.Find it kind of odd it only lasted this long. I mean, they knew what they were getting when they hired him and he was very specific about what he wanted to change there if hired (everything). But who knows, maybe he left on his own accord. Probably not, but maybe.
Isn't transparency in advertising what the below is for?
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