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Dries Van Noten navy blue striped wool trouser with subtle royal blue stripes woven into the fabric. The fabric has a very interesting and subtle weave that forms the stripes. It's extremely soft to the touch but nice and cozy. The pant features two back pockets (one still sewn shut even), front zip fly, top clasp closure along with inside button closure, and two side pockets. The bottom hem has a slit on each side and makes the pant sit very nicely over shoes or boots....
Dries Van Noten black 100% wool pant. Made from insanely nice wool fabric that is tightly woven and nice and warm. These pants are definitely perfect for Fall and Winter. Feature two back pockets, zip front fly with top clasp closure and inside button closure, and two side pockets. These are un-hemmed and in great condition! The fit is slightly loose in the top block while tapering down quite a bit at the knee. It's a fantastic fitting pant. These pants are in great...
Ann Demeulemeester black suede slip on shoes. All black supple suede upper that is made from two pieces of leather. Stitched on each side panel so they're easy to slip on and off and makes it so the wearer can step on the backside of the leather without collapsing the front vamp like a slipper. Sole is a small stacked leather sole with a small heel. These have been worn twice and show little signs of wear. They do not come with a box. Size is 44. Paypal only. Shipping...
The first two are some of the most beautiful pieces of footwear I have ever seen. Makes me sad this'll be the end of MM (not to mention sad they are so astronomically priced).
It's such a unique boot and one of those classic CCP pieces. Always one of my favorites for sure.
Came across a pair of these today used in good condition and a size too small! Size 8 or 43 or so in a cool blackish-blue color. Only around 900 or so. Such gorgeous boots.
It is the 994. You can see, ever so slightly in the second picture the edge of the eye stay/side panel.
I've hand washed plenty of silk t-shirts (from other brands) and it's been fine. Screw paying for dry cleaning on a damn t-shirt.
I agree NN. That coat you posted is my favorite piece he's maybe every produced for men. Price is kind of crazy however. The fw14 collection is definitely my favorite. Great pieces, excellent fabrics, and it all feels modern without going over the top with the styling he's so known for. I even like the footwear he made and those socks are kind of awesome.
Can't tell if serious?Honestly, I don't think he's going to touch much of the menswear so I wouldn't worry too much about that. I just find it so against the whole ethos of MMM to hire someone like him. And not only the hiring but all the publicity surrounding his appointment is just not Margiela.
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